We are a small organisation that values quality over quantity. The schools’ management and dedicated team guarantee personalised attention to every individual, while promising a holistic experience for English speaking courses. Thus the schools’ high standards of education and its reputation for ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction are constantly maintained.

Rebecca Bonnici

Owner & Managing Director

Rebecca takes pride in calling BELS her own. She makes it a point to be present in each centre on a weekly basis, to meet clients and learn more about how BELS can meet their needs better. In her free time she enjoys diving, reading, travelling and most of all spending time with her family.

Isabella Conti

Director of Sales

Isabella, our Director of Sales, is in charge of maintaining agent relationships & introducing new clients to our schools. She also oversees our booking procedures and staff. Isabella is passionate about travelling, whether it is for business or pleasure. She is her son’s biggest football fan and loves shopping too!

Julian Muscat

BELS Juniors Programme Manager & Marketing Executive

Between liaising with our partners, managing BELS’ online presence and coordinating the BELS Juniors Leisure Programme, Julian takes pride in managing to integrate our clients’ needs & wants into our JUNIOR programmes whilst ensuring their safety and parents’ satisfaction.

Julia Jones

Director of Studies – Malta

Having travelled extensively, Julia is particularly interested in learning about different cultures, traditions and languages which benefits her role as BELS Malta director of studies for English speaking courses. In her free time Julia loves going for long walks along the seafront, swimming, camping and bird-watching.

Laura Urbonaviciute

School Manager – Gozo

Laura is organised, friendly and customer focused. She speaks various languages and comes to us from years working as a manager in the travel industry. Laura is married and has 2 children.

Sharyn Chamberlain

Academic Manager – Gozo

Sharyn moved to Gozo from the UK in 2007 & started to work at BELS in 2009. In her free time, Sharyn enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.

Daniel Bongalais

School Manager – Malta

Daniel has more than 10 years of experience in the EFL industry and loves travelling and learning about new cultures. He is also passionate about cars, sports and staying active. He is always willing to learn and hopes to be of great service to all our students.

Leanda Keith

Marketing Executive & Gozo Leisure Co-Ordinator

Leanda has lived on Gozo for 10 years, having moved from the UK with her family. She thinks of herself as a local – she can speak Maltese fluently too. She loves meeting new people & learning about different cultures; whilst during her free time she enjoys keeping fit & playing badminton. Fascinated by adventure, camping is also one of Leanda’s many hobbies.

Pedro Lemos

Marketing Executive & BELS Juniors Registrar

Originally from Portugal, Pedro has chosen to settle on our beautiful islands as he was captivated by their beauty & also the friendliness of the locals. Deeply interested in culture, sports & history, Pedro knows his way around on our islands well & is excited to interact with people across the globe.

Our Staff

Friendly & Professional

BELS hand picks its trainers and ensures that they are in possession of internationally recognised qualifications in TEFL, as well as being highly experienced speakers of the English language. Teachers are encouraged to design lessons that target learners’ needs, using supplementary material whenever appropriate. The schools’ teaching facilities include audio/ visual equipment, interactive white-boards and a library.

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