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Learn spoken English in the most entertaining and fun way. Put your English books down, sit back and load an episode…or two. 

The English in textbooks isn’t always naturally spoken English. You’ll notice a difference between the English you encounter in textbooks, and the spoken English that’s used in everyday conversation. TV series, however, are packed with natural spoken English, “real-life” English that you’ll hear on the streets in ordinary situations. It’s especially useful if you can’t hear spoken English regularly.

Besides, after a long day at work or school, studying a textbook is probably the last thing you want to do. So sit back, relax and watch one of these shows and take in the language. Grab a notebook and write down spoken English phrases that you like.

Learn English with English Series1. How I Met your Mother

A heart-warming tale of friendship set in New York City with all its charms. Ted Mosby sits down to tell his children the 9-season story of how he met their mother.  Listen closely to the story unfold and to the many modern, American English expressions that make the show even more entertaining.  One of the main characters is actually Canadian, so you can observe the differences in pronunciation, and even words and phrases used.   Apart from the language and the lovely story, it’s full of American and Canadian cultural references (and banter!)

2. Sherlock

If you prefer a bit of mystery and British English, Sherlock’s the show for you! Set in London, it has a perfect blend of British accents, exceptional acting, witty conversations and incredible plot lines.  Then there’s the added bonus of Benedict Cumberbatch and his particular classiness. 

Fun ways of learning English3. Suits

Set in a law firm, this series is both casual and classy. It’s got love, comedy and a serious side. It’s full of American English expressions, and at the same time has many law terms that can help budding lawyers learn a lot of practical vocabulary.  Since it’s constantly shifting from casual friendly scenes to business and court scenes, you can also observe how English is used in different contexts – a social and business context. 

4. Will and Grace

An all-time classic, with 10 seasons worth of episodes and a new season released in 2018! The perfect choice for some winter time binge-watching.  What’s a better way to learn spoken English than watch a group of distinct, comical friends hang out and go about their daily-routines? Apart from learning spoken English, you might get funnier in the process. 

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