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Combine a family holiday and an English learning Experience with BELS. Enjoy a sunny, safe and stunning environment to learn English and have fun.

Malta and Gozo have always been a favorite family-holiday destination for their safety, natural beauty, and unique history. In recent years the islands have become known for the quality English language schools, making them the ideal location for a family vacation alongside English courses. Here’s why we suggest English lessons for kids in Malta:

1. It’s a safe, family-oriented Island

English lessons for kids in Malta are great to combine an family holiday

English language students enjoying some free leisure time in Malta

Whether it’s playing in the streets or going to the corner shop, Malta is a place where you can allow your children some freedom without putting their safety at risk. That’s especially true in the north of the island, which is where BELS English lessons for kids in Malta are held.

2. The natural Environment, History and Culture

There’s family hikes through unspoilt countryside in the valleys or by the cliffs, endless ways to relish in the incredible waters and a number of family entertainment places.

Apart from physical activities, there’s a variety of history and culture. Malta’s a living history book; there’s a story to discover behind every corner. The Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Turks and the British have all left their mark on Malta. There are plenty of lessons for kids in Malta besides English courses.

3. BELS Parent and Child Program

During the month of July BELS offers a parent and child programme. It’s ideal for parents who want English lessons for kids in Malta that take place at the same time as adult English courses. It’s a chance to combine an educational trip with a family holiday. The English lessons for kids in Malta are conveniently held at the same time as the adult course, so you can study English at ease, knowing your child is in good hands and under the same roof. Alternatively, you can book English lessons for kids in Malta on their own.

4. Communicative and Interactive English lessons for Kids

At BELS we use the communicative and blended learning approach, combining digital learning methods with traditional ones in an interactive classroom environment. The topics and course material used during English lessons for kids in Malta are aimed at engaging young learners. With a mixture of videos, music, nursery rhymes, books and acting, we ensure our English lessons for kids are relevant to their needs and practical.

If you would like more information or a personal quote for English lessons for kids in Malta, email us at [email protected].

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