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Learn about Chiara’s experience with BELS English Language Schools during the 2017 teens summer programme for kids in Malta.

HI, I am Chiara and I am from Italy. I studied with BELS Juniors in Malta for 2 weeks. I chose Malta because all my friends told me that it’s a really cool please and I wanted to speak English and meet a lot of new people. I found BELS on the internet and once I saw the activity programme I really thought that it can be an amazing experience. I travelled with another friend of mine to BELS, and he thought it was a great experience too.

I would say that the overall experience with BELS is unforgettable because every excursion was fun, the locations were beautiful and they were organised well. The BELS team was also very friendly and I managed to speak and get to know each leader who were always there for us when we needed. When we arrived in Malta the leaders gave us a lot of useful information which felt good. I also learnt a lot of new English skills because the lessons are very good. The teachers were also very experienced and actually made the lessons interesting.

I enjoyed every little moment, and I will remember this experience forever. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I really wish to say thank you to BELS for everything. I will definitely come again next year and bring my sisters too! 😊

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