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Discover the top 8 ways you can indulge in nightlife in Malta while learning English.

There are few destinations which are as ideal for learning English as they are for enjoying the nightlife as Malta.

The Mediterranean island has long established itself as a party haven, particularly during the summer. And party does not only mean clubbing; it means having a general good time with lots of entertainment options:

1. Concerts

Enjoy nightlife concerts in Malta while learning English

Concerts are happening all the year round. You may attend concerts at the theatre or in some special venues, while in summer, concerts are often held under the stars.

2. Festivals & Village Feasts

Enjoy nightlife and Festivals in Malta while learning English

Festivals are a big thing in Malta throughout the summer. They range from themed village festivals and religious festas to week-long music festivals. Festivals often include a market and food stalls.

3. Events

Malta Fireworks Festival

Events may include everything else from fireworks displays to historic re-enactments. There is a huge variety of events in Malta to suit everybody’s fancy. 

4. Bars

Enjoy nightlife at bars in Malta while learning English

From Irish Pubs and typical English Pubs to wine bars and contemporary venues offering sports on a big screen and pool tables, take your pick from hundreds of bars around the island where you can enjoy a good drink. Many bars and pubs have tables al fresco and some are located by the sea.

5. Restaurants

Enjoy nightlife in Malta while learning English at restaurants

Restaurants are always a lovely option to spend a relaxing evening in good company and delicious food and wine. Take your pick from several themed restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines. There are restaurants to suit every mood, style and budget.

6. Theatre and Opera

Enjoy nightlife in Malta while learning English theatre and opera

The theatre offers a classic evening at a play or a rendition of classical music or dance, while a night at the opera is unforgettable. There are several theatre and opera venues across the islands. The opera houses are located in Gozo, which adds to the experience of the night if you must cross the channel by ferry to get there.

7. Clubbing

Enjoy nightlife and clubbing in Malta while learning English

Clubbing has to be one of the main attractions in Malta. Paceville is the nightlife hot spot in Malta, but there are nightclubs scattered all over the island. Apart from the regular nights, themed events are often on the agenda.

8. Casinos

Enjoy nightlife in Malta while learning English casino

Indulge in a night at the casino for an experience to remember. You do not need to spend your life-savings – you can just relish the thrilling atmosphere while you swan around in your best outfit while sipping a cocktail. You may not be rich but you can pretend to be.

Enjoy the nightlife in Malta while learning English – find out what’s on in Malta during your stay. Write to us at [email protected] if you’d like to know more about learning English in Malta. 

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