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Need a gift for a person who doesn’t need more stuff? This Christmas give the gift of language with the BELS English Courses in Malta Christmas vouchers.

Choosing the right gift for someone can get a tad stressful at times, especially when the person’s already got everything they could possibly need. Instead of buying another sweater, another toy or yet another frame to put on the shelf, this Christmas gift someone the experience of English Courses in Malta.

Why would English courses in Malta make a good gift?

English Courses in Malta gift voucher give away

You can’t go wrong with a voucher for English courses in Malta. No matter what age, gender, or personality type the person has, expanding one’s English will always be useful. Language is a gift that keeps on giving, and the knowledge gained from English courses in Malta can open up many new opportunities. Besides, you don’t have to worry about them already having it; there’s no such thing as having enough English practice.

Through giving a special someone a voucher for English courses in Malta, you’ll also be giving them a chance to break from their usual routine in a warmer climate. You can choose between a course in BELS Malta or Gozo, depending on preferences, and perhaps some time in both schools.

What kind of English courses can I buy?

All of our courses can be purchased as a gift voucher, this includes:

  • General English Courses
  • Intensive General English Courses
  • Individual Courses
  • Business English Courses
  • Exam Preparation Courses

Apart from the course, we can also arrange your accommodation and all transfers required. In case you’re not sure whether the person can travel, you could buy a voucher for Online Skype lessons or the BELS Online Learning Platform instead.

How can I buy a BELS voucher for English courses in Malta?

If you’d like to buy a BELS voucher for courses in Malta, contact us at [email protected] with your requirements and we’ll provide you with all the information necessary and a personalised quote.

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