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Why is Malta a popular location to study English?

Many reasons! But mostly, the weather sets it apart from other countries which are also popular for English courses and studying. In Malta, we have sunny days from January to December. While it does rain and we do have a winter, it’s particular short. And when it does rain, it’s for a few hours or a few days. If you’re taking English courses in Malta, you’ll definitely have some sunshine during your stay.  

What is the Weather like in Malta? Malta Weather is great.

The locals brag about enjoying 300 days of sunshine a year, tourists lie sunbathing on the beach in January, and everyone is happy. Except, perhaps, for the farmers who may not get enough rain or find crops blooming early from too much sun. There are those odd weeks, months, or even particular years, when Malta weather in winter is less pleasant than usual, but that’s about it. The previous winter was particularly harsh by local standards, with night temperatures down to 2⁰C, and there was even excitement about falling snow (or was it?). Yet, Malta weather this winter has been spring-like again. This February’s temperatures of 18⁰C by day and 12⁰C at night are 2 degrees higher than the historical average, with almost continuous sunshine; the beaches have been completely deserted for only few days at a time.

With Malta weather being so mild, Malta and Gozo make an ideal English learning destination in winter. Summers in Malta are hot, with July and August being the hottest months recording 29⁰C by day and 22⁰C by night on average. These months are also the peak tourist season, however Malta summers can be considered to stretch from around May to October. The shoulder months are also generally warm. The locals will tell you about Malta weather that “there is no mid-season, it is either hot, or cold,” yet, colder weather will kick in only around November.


43.8 °C and 1.4 °C are the hottest and lowest temperatures in Malta ever recorded.

Malta weather allows visitors to truly enjoy their holiday activities and sightseeing fully. Summer is the season to party by night and spend plenty of time at the beach. Winter is a better season to enjoy the countryside clad in green and outdoor activities that are usually bypassed during summer due to the heat. Here’s the low-down of how you could expect to spend your free time while learning English in Malta:

Top 3 things to do in summer in Malta

1. The beach

Malta weather beaches in Malta Credits: Andrea Castelli

Sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling is not all; Malta beaches are also perfect for night time BBQs, beach parties, or to sit under the stars with friends and a bottle of wine.

2. Water sports

Malta weather water skiing in Malta Credits: Europe Travelz

The islands’ main feature is a marvellous, crystal-clear sea that beckons you to dip in. Not only; grab the opportunity to try kayaking, jet skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing, deep water soloing, boating, snorkeling, diving, and so on.

3. Festivals and parties

Malta weather is perfect for festivals and parties Credits: Cafe Del Mar

Hot daytime temperatures in summer mean much of the activity is happening by night. This is the season for outdoor gigs of all kinds, open air theatre, open air club parties, boat parties, various music festivals, traditional village feasts, themed village festivals, and much more.

Top 3 things to do in winter in Malta

1. Adventure sports

Adventure sports in Malta Credits: Rock Climb Malta

Few people truly enjoy being very active when the temperatures are soaring, then adventure sports such as rock climbing, abseiling, cycling and so on are best enjoyed in the cooler weather.

2. Countryside

weather in Malta countryside Credits: Christian Siedler

Winter is the better season to enjoy trekking, hiking, cave exploration, quad biking, camping, and so on, as Malta’s dry summers may cause the countryside to appear rather stark during this season. With the first rains comes a green coat and later a myriad of wonderful wild flowers.

3. Spas and retreats

Spa and Wellness in Malta Credits: Visit Gozo

Following a summer of mayhem, the local trend is to retreat to a quieter, healthier way of life during the winter, and as such you will find several yoga, detox and wellness weekend retreats being organised. There are also several very well-equipped spas to give you that well-deserved pampering.

Top 3 things to enjoy all the year round in Malta

1. Diving

Malta weather diving Credits: Malcolm Browne

Malta and Gozo’s warm waters and great visibility all the year round make this a top diving destination no matter the season. Superb wreck diving and cave diving have put Malta and Gozo permanently on the diving map.

2. History and culture

Malta weather history of Malta Credits: Gary Bembridge

These islands may be small but they are extremely rich in historical heritage. There are numerous prehistoric temples, other archeological sites and museums to visit, while historical re-enactments are common-place all the year round.

3. Nightlife

Malta weather at night Credits: David Arvidsson

No matter the season, there is always somewhere to go and something to do – the Maltese love the good life! From fine dining to Irish pubs, from wine bars to clubbing, there is always a place to go that doesn’t sleep with the sunset. Whenever it is that you can get away to visit Malta and learn English, there will be something for you to enjoy. Because Malta weather is great and makes so much more possible.

Content contributor: Melanie Drury

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