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Find blog articles on why many students like and should be encouraged to learn English in Malta and Gozo. Blog articles include free online learning tips, information about Malta, Gozo, student life at BELS and much more 🙂

BELS Malta English School Learning English & Enjoying it

BELS Malta English School: Learning English & Enjoying it

Are you curious about lessons at BELS Malta English School? Read what Yuyla had to say about her time studying with us. I bet you have been learning English since you were...
Spoken English Online Amusing Words Created by Shakespeare

Spoken English Online: 5 Amusing Words Created by Shakespeare

We all know Shakespeare as a timeless playwright, but did you know that he’s also famous for his endlessly imaginative creation of words? From swagger to unreal, read our...
Homestay Malta Expand your English Learning Experience

Homestay Malta: Expand your English Learning Experience

You might have decided to come to Malta to study English, but you could learn a lot more along the way. Have a read about what to expect from our homestay Malta and Gozo...
Learn English Online Dr Seuss Quotes

Learn English Online: Life Lessons from famous Dr Seuss Quotes

Learn English online and some inspiring life lessons from Dr Seuss and his timeless classics in celebration of the wise author’s birthday! As a child, I flipped through one...

New Year, New Language: 3 Reasons you should Learn English

Deciding to learn English can open up many new opportunities for you. Here are 3 ways learning English can help you achieve more. Would you like to deepen your travel experiences? Open up new career possibilities? Enter old age with a good memory? Learning a new...

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BELS Juniors Teen Summer Camps in Malta: All you Need to Know

Thinking of joining the BELS teen summer camps? Here’s all you need to know! The BELS teen summer camps are made especially for young travellers between the ages of 11 and 17. It’s a chance to combine adventure with education, all the while enjoying Malta’s crystal...

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A good way to Practise English Online using Christmas Songs

Songs are a great way to practise English online for students of all levels. Here’s a list of Christmas songs that can help you improve your listening skills and pronunciation while having some holiday fun. A lot of people wonder what the key to learning English is....

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Gozo villa holiday rentals whilst studying English in Gozo is a small real estate company specialising in short-let holiday properties on the island of Gozo which is a property to spend your leisure time whilst studying English in Gozo. Gozo is a small island in the Mediterranean south of Sicily that forms...

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The Gift of Language: BELS Online English Courses Vouchers

Looking for a meaningful gift? This Christmas give someone the lasting gift of language with our online English courses Christmas vouchers. Christmas comes and goes, and more often than not the gifts exchanged are discarded soon after the Christmas lights are down....

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Gift Experiences: English Courses in Malta Christmas Vouchers

Need a gift for a person who doesn’t need more stuff? This Christmas give the gift of language with the BELS English Courses in Malta Christmas vouchers. Choosing the right gift for someone can get a tad stressful at times, especially when the person’s already got...

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4 Websites to study English Grammar Online

We’ve chosen the best websites to study English grammar online for you! Grammar is one of the parts of language that you can improve on through self-study online. Apart from studying English grammar online by finding YouTube channels belonging to teachers, there are...

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4 Kinds of Malta Adult English Classes at BELS

With 20 years of experience, BELS offer a selection of adult English classes to suit every kind of learner. Our English classes include individual lessons, group lessons, and even online lessons. When you register to one of our adult English classes, you also get...

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