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Find blog articles on why many students like and should be encouraged to learn English in Malta and Gozo. Blog articles include free online learning tips, information about Malta, Gozo, student life at BELS and much more 🙂

5 Easy Steps to start your IELTS Malta Examination Preparation

5 Easy Steps to start your IELTS Malta Examination Preparation

Preparing for IELTS can be a daunting experience, but only if you’re clueless. We’re trying to make life easier for you with our IELTS Malta preparation guide. In my...
4 reasons to choose Skype English lessons online with BELS

4 reasons to choose Skype English lessons online with BELS

With so many teachers offering English lessons online how can you recognise the professional ones from the fake ones? Choose BELS, with 20 years of experience. With so many...
The lifetime Benefit of Kids learning English in Malta

The lifetime benefit of kids learning English in Malta

When it comes to learning a language, the earlier the better. If you’re planning a study-trip for yourself, read about the benefits of your kids learning English in Malta...
Communicative Classrooms English for Young Learners in Malta

English for Young Learners in Malta: Communicative Classrooms

At BELS we use a communicative and blended learning approach in all our courses of English for young learners in Malta, but what does that mean exactly? Teaching a class of...

Homestay Malta: Expand your English Learning Experience

You might have decided to come to Malta to study English, but you could learn a lot more along the way. Have a read about what to expect from our homestay Malta and Gozo accommodation option. When you stay with a host-family you experience something that you won’t in...

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3 Brilliant Reasons to study English in Malta and Gozo

Whether you’d like to study English in Malta or just marvel at the island’s wealth of history and culture, one thing’s for sure: there’s a great hype brewing around the quaint islands of Malta and Gozo. You might have seen stunning photos of Malta’s cobbled streets,...

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Long-term English Courses in Malta and Gozo with BELS Schools

Malta’s the perfect place to focus on your English-learning goals. Here’s why long-term English courses in Malta and Gozo are becoming increasingly popular! We all know Malta’s a great place for a study holiday – the beaches, the cultural and historical aspects, the...

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Valentine’s Day Spoken English Online: The Language of Love

In this spoken English online Lesson, learn how to speak from your heart! Here are some idioms and phrases about love to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. The language of love is often flowery and full of idioms and metaphors. This online spoken English lesson...

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Maintain your fluency with an Online English Speaking Course

Are you worried your speaking skills will weaken? That’s what the BELS online English speaking course is for! One of the allures of studying English in an English-speaking country like Malta is the complete immersion into the language. It’s surprising to see how much...

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New Year, New Language: 3 Reasons you should Learn English

Deciding to learn English can open up many new opportunities for you. Here are 3 ways learning English can help you achieve more. Would you like to deepen your travel experiences? Open up new career possibilities? Enter old age with a good memory? Learning a new...

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