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Teen summer camps in Malta are fun, adventurous and safe! Here is a testimonial of a BELS student who did a course with BELS…

‘My name is Tereza and I am from the Czech Republic. When I came to BELS, I decided to try windsurfing for the first time in my life. I was a bit scared since it was something completely new to me. Our course was divided into three days.

On the first day we had an introductory lesson and we were also shown different parts of the windsurfing equipment. We were also taught the basic positions as well as the windsurfing movements we will be using during the duration of the course.

The whole group was surprised how difficult it is to hold your balance and also use the sail, however, thanks to the good instructors we had the help we needed and so we could enjoy our practice time too.

On the second day, we were also shown how to steer the windsurf, and that’s when the real fun began 😊 We had more time to practice our skills on this day, and the instructors stayed with us to point out any skills we can improve more.

Finally, on the last day, the wind was slightly stronger so we were shown an additional maneuver to help us turn the sail better against the wind – it was great fun!

I felt the course challenging, but the instructors really know how to help and teach the students well. I feel like I was born for windsurfing and really recommend the course to all other students, even if they are beginners 😊’

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