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When you invest so much money and time in a language school, you want to be sure it has a good reputation. Deciding which school to attend based on websites can be tricky. How do you know which English schools in Malta and Gozo you can trust?

In the ESL industry there are a number of quality assurance organizations whose job is to guarantee that English language schools in Malta provide a good standard of education in a decent learning environment. The process is based on various inspections and requirements that ensure students can trust accredited English schools in Malta and Gozo. That means that you focus on your studies and have trust in your school. What are the advantages of choosing an accredited English School in Malta and Gozo?

1. Quality of Courses and Teachers

You can expect a high standard of lessons and course materials from your English school in Malta. That’s especially important for exam preparation courses, business English or English for specific purposes.

Additionally, they only hire qualified teachers, usually with years of experience in an ESL classroom. Teachers are regularly observed must attend continuous teacher-training workshops and seminars.

English schools in Malta and Gozo you can trust

2. Value of certificate

There are plenty of schools who print out certificates of attendance – but are they actually valuable? The value of a certificate is based on the English school’s accreditations.

3. Obtaining study VISAS

Whether or not your VISA application is approved can depend entirely on the type of English school in Malta you chose. The school’s reputation is a highly influential factor in visa applications.

4. Student Satisfaction

In order to get accredited, the schools usually have to have an effective feedback system in place that ensures any complaints are dealt with as required.

BELS Schools are accredited by the following organisations: IALC, FELTOM, ALTO, Bindungsurlaub, Arbitur. The schools are licensed by the ELT Council, Malta Tourism Authority.

For information on the types of courses offered at BELS English schools in Malta and Gozo, contact us at [email protected].

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