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Would you like to boost your speaking skills? Here’s how BELS can help!

Having strong speaking skills is one of the most challenging parts of learning any language. You might find yourself at loss when trying to have a conversation with someone in spite of memorising endless lists of vocabulary and knowing all the grammar there is to know.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your struggle with English speaking skills! Students often have a higher level of written English and grammar, than speaking skills. That’s because speaking skills are difficult to develop through self-study. How can you improve your speaking skills, then?

Fluency Lessons at BELS

An effective way of improving your speaking skills is by joining fluency classes. Fluency classes allow you to practice English speaking skills in a controlled classroom setting with a teacher by your side to help you when you get stuck. Apart from this, fluency lessons also focus on developing English speaking skills in natural conversations. During fluency classes you can work on your speaking skills based on a specific topic (travel, food, sport) and also on specific functions (ordering at a restaurant, giving advice, asking for directions).

Individual Fluency Lessons vs. Group Fluency Lessons

BELS offers two types of fluency lessons to help you develop your English speaking skills: one-on-one lessons with a private teacher, or group lessons with other students in the same level. It all depends on whether you enjoy the dynamic and interactive aspects of a class, or prefer to learn in a quieter environment. Both options can help you improve your speaking skills by debating, role-playing and discussing issues with your classmates and your teacher.

BELS Skype Fluency Lessons

Practicing your speaking skills in a non-English speaking country is close to impossible. That’s why BELS offers online Skype lessons with a qualified English teacher. By buying a bundle of skype lessons, you can work on your speaking skills without having to travel to an English-speaking country. The lesson times are flexible, and you also get access to the BELS online educational platform, which has many grammar, reading, pronunciation and vocabulary tasks you could use.

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