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Industry and skill based Business English Communicative Courses

Our business English communication bundles are designed as foundation courses focusing on specific industries or skills. They are available as individual training and team-training sessions for companies. All of our business bundles are available at our schools in Malta and Gozo, online or at your offices. All courses are MQF Level 5 certified and applicable for Get Qualified and Investing in Skills refund schemes for Maltese residences and businesses. 

on field oil and gas english courses
Award in English for Oil and Gas

Build your Confidence using English for the Oil and Gas Industry

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English for maritime courses on the site
Award in English for Maritime

Advance with Essential English for Maritime Skills

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Stimulate English for aviation courses
Award in English for Aviation

Embark on an International Career with English for Aviation Courses

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On site with English for construction training courses
Award in English for Construction

Take the lead by Developing English for Construction Skills

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Delivering English for engineering courses
Award in English for Engineering

Gain a Strong Understanding of English for Engineering

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During our English for administration course
Award in English for Administration

Develop English for Administration to Excel in Multifaceted Role  

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learning english for telephone calls at work
Award in English for Telephoning

Learn how to Handle Telephone Calls in English Professionally

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learning about business email writing in english
Award in English for Emailing

Master Writing Effective Business Emails using Proper Etiquette 

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During training sessions with management
Award in English for Management

Master the Art of Communication using English for Management 

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These courses can be personalised for different levels of workplace experience and English language proficiency. Once a preferred bundle is selected, all course content will be based on company requirements and day-to-day roles of the learners. As part of our need’s analysis session, our academic team will review current performance to determine weak areas and provide practical solutions.

These bundles are centered around the value of communication within a business context.