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Abitur-Preparation English Courses in Malta with BELS Juniors

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Anyone planning to begin higher education studies in a German or Austrian institution must be aware that Abitur is one of the key entry requirements for a successful application. Abitur English exams assess reading, listening, speaking and language skills covering a range of topics. Preparing for these exams can be a challenging task, which is why BELS are offering Abitur Exam Preparation English courses in Malta as part of our teen camp programmes.

What will the BELS Abitur English Courses in Malta consist of?

Whereas the Abitur syllabus might vary from one state to another, the exam skills required are standardised. In order to obtain the Abitur qualification students must demonstrate a confident and well-structured knowledge of the subject area, familiarity with the working methods of the subject and an in-depth understanding and analysis of the given texts. Additionally, the tasks must reflect independent thought, critical thinking and the ability to learn autonomously.

BELS Abitur English courses in Malta will help students develop these essential exam skills. Lessons will focus on equipping students with the range of academic skills by developing their receptive and productive skills in English.

Having followed their standard school curriculum in Germany, Abitur preparation students are able to fine-tune their English skills and develop fluency and accuracy during Abitur English courses in Malta. By the end of the course candidates will be better equipped with the range of skills required to pass the exam in their state.

Authentic Abitur exam material will be used throughout the preparatory English courses in Malta. The BELS Abitur-Prepartion syllabus can be viewed here.

Why should students take BELS Abitur English courses in Malta?

With over 20 years of experience, BELS has the academic knowledge and professional team required to provide comprehensive and exceptional Abitur English courses in Malta. The school also provides 24/7 supervision of all teens, airport transfers, accommodation (homestay or student residence), and a varied leisure programme.

Since Malta is an English-speaking country, studying English in Malta provides an immersive learning environment. Students in Malta can experience English outside the classroom environment, giving them the ability to develop their speaking skills in natural environment.

To enquire about BELS Abitur English courses in Malta, send us an email at [email protected].

– BELS Junior is based in Malta. Students should use the Malta contact details from above.

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