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Learning English from a young age comes with many benefits. Here’s why we suggest English courses in Malta for young learners. 

The wonderful thing about kids is their carefree and undaunted spirit. They’ll say the first thing that comes to their head without worrying if it’s correct or not. It’s the ideal attitude to learn a language, and a key advantage of kids learning English in Malta at a young age. Here are the top benefits of encouraging kids to learn from an early age.

1. Natural Acquisition

Kids learning English in Malta

For kids, learning English is easier and they’ll get better results than adults. As an ex-British colony, English is an official language and widely spoken in Malta. When kids learn English in Malta at a very young age, they have a much better chance of having a good accent and picking up the language with native-like pronunciation. Our aptitude to acquire a new language gradually reduces with age.

2. Opens up career and study opportunities

A lot of young adults about to embark on a new career or life as a University student are faced with the obstacle of having a low level of English. Gaining fluency in a language requires hours of work to develop all the skills, which might be a setback when you have other goals in mind. But time is just one of the many benefits of kids learning English at a young age.

3. Bilinguals are smarter, have better memories 

The bilingual experience improves cognitive skills on the whole. Bilingual children have been found to have a heightened awareness of their environment, improved working memories and multi-tasking skills than children who are monolingual. Increased cognitive functioning can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia in old age. To reap these benefits, help your kids learn English as early as possible.

4. It heightens empathy and cross-cultural understanding 

During lessons for children in our schools, students will be a part of a multi-cultural classroom. Apart from learning English during their time in Malta, they will also be learning a new culture and an ability to shift between the two values of the cultures they experience. This ability to be more empathetic enables better communication with people around you. Travel will be infinitely better, and having to relocate to a new country won’t be as challenging.

Would you like to find out more about opportunities for children to learn English in Malta? Send us an email at [email protected].

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