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BELS Full Day Programme for Family Trips

We’ll help you plan your family holiday including English courses, accommodation, activities & airport transfers 

Malta, with its beautiful sunny weather and general safety is the ideal island for a summer holiday full of seaside fun and rich cultural history. BELS extends the language experience to parents who wish to join their children and improve the level of their English while also enjoying a relaxing family holiday. Parents have the option to book one of our English programmes specifically designed for adult learners at the BELS international language school in St. Paul’s Bay.

Parents and children can stay together in the BELS Junior residence, enjoy the warmth of the Maltese hospitality by staying in one of our English speaking host families or live more independently in self-catering apartments or hotels near the school. 

Here at BELS we have a variety of options for you to consider, depending on the type of holiday you are interested in. For both options, your accommodation will be together, with a choice of self-catering private apartments and hotels near the school. We also provide return airport transfers at any time of the day at discounted rates.

Option 1: Separate Schedule for Adults and Children

With this option, adults and children will have entirely separate programmes during the day and will meet again for dinner. 

Children and teenagers will have a full day programme with our leaders and other BELS juniors students of the same age-group. They’ll spend the day exploring the islands, making new friends, and attending three hours of English courses per day. 

Meanwhile, the adults will have morning lessons, with the option to study for as many hours as they like while their children are fully engaged in the junior course and leisure programme. This means that parents can enjoy some free time relaxing by the beach, sightseeing or tasting good Maltese food while take care of their children. An optional leisure activity package is also available for adults who’d like to discover Malta’s cultural, historical or social life after their courses. 

Option 2: Parent and Child Programme

The main difference on this programme is that parents and children will spend their whole day together.

This programme includes three hours of morning lessons for adults and children in the same building, at the same time.  While adults are attending our general English standard course, children will be in a nearby classroom attending the young learners English courses. 

An activity package is also available with this option. After your English courses, you can choose from a variety of leisure activities to attend together depending on the weekly events. 

To receive more information and a complete quotation for your family, send us an email at [email protected] or speak to us on our live chat.

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