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We regularly write articles with study tips, course information and online lessons for English students. You can also find travel articles about our beautiful islands for anyone visiting. Follow our blog if you’re planning a study-trip to Malta or if you want to learn English online.


All you need to Know about Travelling to Malta in Summer 2021


Are you planning a summer 2021 holiday in Malta and Gozo? Here’s everything you need to know about the current situation in the country and…

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10 English Idioms that Blossomed out of Spring


Here are 10 English Idioms Related to Spring With the temperatures warming up, we’ve got a spring in our step and a couple of English…

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the hypogeum historical place in malta
8 Fascinating Historical Places in Malta and Gozo


Enrich your trip by visiting these historical places in Malta Plan a trip that’s long enough to visit our top suggestions of historical places in…

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Top Christmas Songs in English for Party Games


Your Ultimate List of Christmas Songs in English for a Game Night For many, the holidays are not complete without classical Christmas carols or catchy…

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10 English Idioms Inspired by Winter


Learn how to use 10 Winter Idioms in everyday Conversation With temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up at home and learn some…

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The Fascinating Story of Christmas in English


Read about the Story of Christmas in English  And Indulge in the Festive Spirit! Christmas in an enchanting time of the year, and what better…

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A Complete Guide to Writing Professional Emails in English


A Step-by-step Guide to Writing Professional Emails in English Writing emails in English is an essential life skill that everyone needs to master. Nowadays emails…

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travel tips and tourist information for Malta
Tourist Information Malta: Essential Travel Tips


Are you looking for tourist information about Malta? Here are some travel tips you don’t typically find at a tourist office Anyone travelling to Malta…

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training session about English for presentations
A Complete Guide to Presentations in English


Top Tips for Successful Presentations in English Have an upcoming presentation in English? This guide will help you prepare with soft skill tips, and language…

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