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Learning English with BELS – Meet the BELS Team

Our team at BELS reflects our values. We are a small organisation that values quality over quantity. The English schools in Malta and Gozo’s management and dedicated team guarantee personalised attention to every individual, while promising a holistic experience for English speaking courses. Thus the schools’ high standards of education and its reputation for ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction are constantly maintained.

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Rebecca Bonnici

Owner & CEO

Rebecca takes pride in calling BELS her own. She makes it a point to be present in each centre on a weekly basis, to meet clients and learn more about how BELS can meet their needs better. In her free time she enjoys diving, reading, travelling and most of all spending time with her family.

Andrew O'Leary


Andrew hails from Ireland and is a seasoned business growth expert. He joined us in 2023 to oversee the Sales and Marketing department. When he's not working, Andrew enjoys spending time in the great outdoors of Malta, hiking with his family, which includes his two dogs and two cats. He is also a martial arts expert, holding a 2nd degree black belt in Mugendo and is a qualified bodyguard.

Arianna Muscat

Director of Studies – Malta

Arianna is half English, half Maltese but has spent her entire life in Malta. She is at her happiest when she spends her time under the sun by the sea. Something Arianna loves doing is meeting new people within her job and even whilst travelling, as well as dancing being her main hobby.

Daniel Bongalais

School Manager – Malta

Daniel has more than 10 years of experience in the ELT industry and loves travelling and learning about new cultures. He is also passionate about cars, sports and staying active. He is always willing to learn and hopes to be of great service to all our students.

Ryan Grech

School Manager & Leisure Coordinator – Gozo

Ryan, has recently moved back to his home island, Gozo after having lived and worked on Malta for 15 years. In other words, he decided to come home. Ryan has extensive experience in administrative and leisure roles and loves utilising his expertise in his role at BELS GOZO. In his free time, he enjoys swimming, and hanging out at the ‘pjazza’ with a beer.

Rafael Carraca

Director of Studies - Gozo

Rafael is passionate about traveling and loves meeting new people. He has lived in many different countries working as a teacher, speaking examiner, and content writer. He spends most of his free time on the beach and enjoys photography. Extreme sports is one of his hobbies and he is about to take up kitesurfing.

Sara - BELS Malta
Sara Abdilla

Assistant Director of Studies

Sara first joined our team as a eacher, and after four years she was promoted to an assisant director of studies position at BELS Malta. She's a true believer in the power of education and has an insatiable curiosity for travel and culture. When she's not working, Sara loves hanging out with her friends, curling up with a good book, catching the latest movies, and staying fit with a workout or two.

Paulina Serafin

Administration Executive – Malta

Paulina has lived in several countries around the world before settling in Malta. One of her hobbies is learning new languages and also likes to meet people from different cultures. Being a mother of 3 children she may not have much free time, but loves to travel, go diving and read books when possible.

Sophie Verle

Front Office Executive - Malta

Sophie is from Belgium, she fell in love with Malta and has called the island her home for the past four years. Her main hobby is dancing and spending time jet ski during the summer. She loves to read books, learn new languages, and loves travel. Sophie will greet you at our front desk and be available for any request

Andrea BELS English Learning School Photos
Andrea Said

Senior Digital Marketing & Sales Executive

Andrea has part of our BELS team since 2016. Back then, she started off as a part-time teacher while still studying at university. But after graduating, she joined us in our marketing department. Andrea's love for the English language, culture and travel makes working at an English school the perfect fit for her. When she's not busy at work, you can find her taking long walks with her furry friend, getting lost in an interesting book or exploring new places around the world. Her favourite trips are a mix of city and culture, as well as getting away to peaceful forests, where she can spot some animals and relax in a cute, cosy cabin.

Ana Maria Cortest - BELS Malta
Ana Maria Cortes

Sales & Social Media Executive

Ana is originally from Colombia and in 2019, she decided to leave her home country to embark on a European adventure for personal and professional growth. After spending some years living in France, she finally found her home in sunny Malta. Ana is a lover of salsa music and techno festivals, and you'll often find her enjoying a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. With a passion for technology and digital media, she loves creating content and diving into marketing. Ana is also an environmental activist and strongly believes in making a positive impact on the world around us.

Eugenia Lugo - BELS Malta
Eugenia Lugo

International Business Development Executive

Eugenia hails from the charming city of Bilbao in Spain. She is a multilingual business executive with a proven flair for sales, strong entrepreneurship, negotiation, customer service and business planning skills. She derives happiness from interacting with people and making their lives more accessible. In her free time, she enjoys playing water sports, tennis, and the piano.

Aimee Silva - BELS Malta
Aimee Silva Del Carpio

International Business Development Executive

Aimee, originally from Peru, fell in love with Malta the first time she visited a few years ago and in 2019, she decided to make the island her home. She enjoys traveling, trying new flavors (especially Peruvian cuisine), meeting new people to learn about their experiences and having a good time with her friends or a book beside the sea. Aimee is also fascinated by cats, otters, sunsets, and the sea.

Sonia Muscat - BELS Malta
Sonia Muscat

Juniors Programme Assistant Manager

When Sonia first joined us, she started as a junior team leader and teacher during summers and has now become a permanent member of our team and takes great care of our juniors. She has an educational background in art and music history and is currently pursuing a master's degree in tourism and culture. In her free time, Sonia loves to travel and explore different art museums and musicals. She is also passionate about singing, playing the piano, and painting. Her enthusiasm for her interests is contagious, and she always brings a positive energy to her work by incorporating her hobbies into her job.

Teachers and students at BELS English Learning Schools
BELS Teachers

Friendly & Professional

BELS hand picks its trainers and ensures that they are in possession of internationally recognised qualifications in TEFL, as well as being highly experienced speakers of the English language. Teachers are encouraged to design lessons that target learners’ needs, using supplementary material whenever appropriate. The schools’ teaching facilities include audio/ visual equipment, interactive white-boards and a library.