English Study Trips- BELS Malta & Gozo

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A fully immersive experience

Develop your English

Learn with professionals in the classroom, and speak English throughout your entire stay.

Make International Friends

Meet like-minded people and build lasting friendships in our welcoming student community.

Discover our Islands

Explore the natural beauty, history, and culture that Malta and Gozo have to offer after your lessons.

Why bels?

25 Years of Experience

We've got years of experience, allowing us to create an effective and memorable experience.

Small & Personal

We're a boutique language school and take the time to get to know all our students personally.

Highly Accredited

We're locally and internationall7 accredited, with award winning courses.

I spent six weeks in Gozo, diving and learning English in this wonderful school. I like the classes and how everything we do includes practical examples and practice using the language in real-life situations we find in our daily lives.

Robert, Germany

It’s a wonderful place with breath-taking views and amazing smell of pastizzi! The residence is on the sea front and sometimes I wanted to jump into the sea before the first lesson. Luckily the lessons were great fun, so I never wanted to miss class.

Yulia, Russia

I was always able to count on everyone for my growth as a student. They helped me achieve my goals and develop the confidence necessary to communicate in English. I have lots of wonderful memories, happiness, and gratitude.

Jefferson, Brazil

I had an amazing time in this beautiful place and focusing on improving my English skills. The professional teachers here also planned personalised business English courses, especially for my work. Everything was lovely and I learnt a lot.

Lydia, Germany

The first week was tough, but I had excellent teachers who encouraged me not to give up. Everything started to become much easier, time flew by and step by step I was learning the language. Grateful for the team, and all the friends I met.

Veronica, Italy
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