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Students having dinner at the host family in Malta

How to Experience the Local Life in Malta

Malta’s loved for retaining its rustic charm and distinctive character even after parts of it have hopped on the train of modernity. Through all the changes over time, there’s still something uniquely Maltese about the way of life that lingers on. If you’re the kind of person who loves to listen to the story a new place has to tell, here’s how to get the most out of your trip and experience the local life.

Travel tips to learn English in Malta from my experience

A Guide to Planning a trip to learn English in Malta

Being an English-speaking country has also placed Malta as the ultimate destination to learn English. There are a variety of schools for all ages, which are open all year round. Over the years, English schools in Malta and Gozo have gained a reputation for the quality of education they provide. So what do you need to do to plan a trip here? We’ve compiled a guide to help you plan your trip to learn English in Malta.


travel tips and tourist information for Malta

Tourist Information Malta: Essential Travel Tips

Anyone traveling to Malta will require some basic tourist information about the Maltese islands, the people, and how things work. This is even more important for English students who will be in Malta for longer periods. Some of the most important tourist information – to help you adapt to the local lifestyle – is not necessarily available at a tourist office; however, it will help you relax and enjoy your new environment more fully once the practicalities of accommodation and transport have been sorted out.

Students during general English standard courses

4 Reasons to Learn English in Malta in Winter

Has improving your English skills been on your mind lately? Here are 4 brilliant reasons to learn English with us at BELS Malta and Gozo between September – May.

Some of our students at their host family in Malta

6 Benefits of Learning English with a Host-Family

When you stay with a host-family you experience something that you won’t in other kinds of accommodation. Malta might be small, but it’s got a wealth of entertainment, history and cultural identity. In between all the traditional aspects and the nightlife scene, there’s something uniquely Maltese about the way things are done. And it’s not something that can be described as much as felt.

Students exploring Malta while studying at English Language Schools

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