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BELS Gozo is a year-round and owner-run English School for Adults.

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Combine a learning experience with a relaxing break on a culturally charming and peaceful Mediterranean island.

BELS Gozo is a certified adult English school in the rustic village of Kerċem. The natural surroundings and quaint towns around the school invite visitors to have a relaxing and focused learning holiday. Here, the Gozitan island life and cultural highlights combine to create a language stay experience unlike anywhere else.

The school is housed in a traditional house of character that has been fully converted into a modern school. It comprises nine bright, air-conditioned classrooms, a sun terrace, a garden and a library. Sandwiches, snacks and drinks are available through vending machines at the school. Wi-Fi is available throughout, and the building is wheelchair accessible. All classrooms have interactive boards and audio equipment to heighten the learning experience.

Our English school in Gozo has been around since 1996. This centre specialises in general English, business English, and individual and tailor-made courses for adults. The team creates a supportive, caring and friendly environment for all our students. The school has a great community feeling, with many students returning to us year after year.

Our team can organize your courses, accommodation, and airport transfers before your arrival. At the school, we can assist with planning your free time activities, bicycle rentals and anything else required.

BELS Gozo gives you easy access to quality education, a charming island and a welcoming community. After classes, you can discover the beautiful beaches, rich history, scenic country views, and delicious cuisine Gozo offers.

English Courses for Adults in Gozo

At BELS Gozo, we offer a variety of English courses to meet the needs of learners at different levels and with different goals. Our adult English courses are available year-round, short-term or long-term.

  • General English group courses: Our general English group courses include daily lessons on weekday mornings. You can choose between a standard course with 15 hours / 20 lessons per week or an intensive course with 22.5 hours / 30 lessons per week. Each course is offered in a regular group size with a maximum of 12 students per class or a mini group with a maximum of 6 students per class for learners who prefer a more intimate learning environment.
  • Business English mini-group course: Our business English group course is a fluency course offered in the afternoons, on specific start dates.  This course is ideal for students who need to improve their language skills in a professional context. The courses are designed to help students develop the language and communication skills necessary for success in international business.
  • Individual Courses for Business: Our individual business courses are available as stand-alone or combined with one of our group courses. They provide a personalised and flexible approach to learning. The course content and pace are tailored to the specific needs and goals of the student, whether they want to improve their general business English skills, prepare for a specific business situation, or focus on a particular area of business.
  • Individual lessons for exam preparation – Our exam courses are available as stand-alone courses or in combination with one of our group courses. These lessons provide students with personalized instruction and support to help them achieve their target exam scores. The courses are tailored to the student’s specific needs, whether they are preparing for IELTS, Cambridge, or TOEFL exams. The course content covers exam techniques, strategies, practice exercises, and mock exams.

English Courses for Children in Gozo

If you’re travelling to Gozo with your family, you may wish to consider individual lessons or semi-individual lessons for your children. Our communicative courses will boost their speaking skills and confidence in using English in various aspects of daily life, as well as linking up with their curriculum at school back home (CLIL).

  • Individual Courses for Children – We offer tailor-made courses for children, with the option for semi-individual lessons for children travelling together who share a similar level of English. These courses are available throughout the year and are personalized to cater to each student’s age, interests, and learning needs.

Activities in Gozo

Gozo is a fantastic destination for all types of travellers, with various activities to suit every taste. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, culture or nature, Gozo has it all. From hiking and mountain biking to water sports and boat trips, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. You can explore ancient landmarks and cultural sites or simply relax on the island’s beautiful beaches and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

At our English language school in Gozo, we believe that learning goes beyond the classroom. That’s why we offer many exciting activities for our students to enjoy. We have a range of experiences that will allow you to have an authentic Gozitan experience and explore the island’s natural and cultural wonders while connecting with fellow classmates and locals throughout your stay.

  • BELS Activities – Our school provides a range of exclusive student activities, such as welcome dinners, boat trips, and hikes. These are great opportunities to build connections, practice English and explore Gozo’s stunning landscapes.
  • Activities for Adults in Gozo – For adults, we have a range of thrilling experiences like off-road safaris, cultural tours, wine tastings, and sunset boat trips. These activities are designed to help you explore the island’s natural and cultural wonders while having fun and making new friends.
  • Activities for families in Gozo – Gozo is the perfect destination for families looking to spend quality time together in a beautiful, safe environment. Families visiting Gozo will be delighted to find various exciting activities suitable for all ages.
  • Student community – Apart from organized activities, our students enjoy exploring the island together and creating lifelong memories and friendships. Our school is renowned for its great student community vibe, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. For a truly immersive experience, book a complete package with accommodation in our student residences or host families.

Download our brochure to get an idea of the various family and adult activities that await you in Gozo.  All of our activities can be booked directly at the school, and you will receive all the necessary information during your welcome meeting on your first day.

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