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English lessons per week

20 lessons (15 hours) OR 30 lessons (22.5 hours)

Lesson length

45 minutes

Programme Dates

Young Adult Programme in Homestay (All year)

Young Adult Programme in Hotel Residence (15.06-31.08.2024)

Course Days

Monday - Friday

Course hours

09:15-12:45 or 14:45


Young Adult Programme in Homestay (16-17)

Young Adult Programme in Hotel Residence (17-19)

Minimum entry level


Students per class

Average 8 / Max 12

Ideal for

Young adults seeking to improve their English and enjoy a social and cultural programme


BELS Malta in St.Paul's Bay.

A Complete Study Trip with Courses, Accommodation and Activities

Our young-adult programs cater to students aged between 16 and 19 who are seeking an engaging and flexible way to learn English in Malta.

The program is ideal for independent teens who want more flexibility during their study trips. It is an excellent opportunity for students to learn English in Malta while experiencing the island’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere with students of a similar age.

Depending on the student’s age, we offer two options with different course and accommodation choices – the young adult program with homestay accommodation (16-17) and the young adult plus program with a hotel residence accommodation option (17-19).

Both programmes include English courses, accommodation, and a leisure programme tailored to provide young adults with the perfect balance between independence and support, ensuring that they have a fun-filled and educational experience.  You’ll learn the language in a way you never imagined possible by experiencing it spoken naturally in a safe and popular destination. Compared to other countries, Malta’s living cost is also generally lower.

Young Adult Programme (16-17)

  • Dates: All year-round (summer-only activity programme, 15.06-31.08.2024).

Our young adult programme for students aged 16-17 includes a homestay accommodation option, as the law requires. Our carefully selected host families are fully licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands. With most families within walking distance of the school or a maximum 40-minute bus ride away, you’ll have easy access to all the necessary facilities. Plus, you’ll get to share a room with students from different countries, allowing you to practice your English skills outside of the classroom and create lasting international friendships.

The Young Adult Programme includes:

  • Homestay accommodation sharing rooms on HB Basis;
  • International classes (20 or 30 lessons) with a maximum 12 students;
  • English online placement test;
  • Coursebook;
  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Activity programme: 3 afternoon or evening activities + 1 full day on the weekend (offered between 12 June – 01 September)
  • Weekly bus ticket (7 days, unlimited trips)
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers.
  • Insurance policy

Young Adult Plus Programme (17-19)

  • Dates: Summer Period (15.06-31.08.2024)

The Plus Programme is an excellent option for mature young adults. The accommodation is in a 3-star hotel near our school, which also includes live-in BELS leaders. It offers several amenities, such as multi-bedded rooms with a private bathroom, air-conditioning, TV, refrigerator, safety deposit box, 24/7 reception, and both indoor and outdoor pools.

On this programme students can enjoy three warm meals a day, including a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet in the hotel’s restaurant. The Plus Programme is autonomous but includes activities to help students mingle and structure their time, as well as welfare support. While students aren’t supervised, they are expected to follow the hotel’s regulations to ensure their safety and the comfort of everyone involved.

The Young Adult Plus Programme includes:

  • Hotel residence accommodation on a full board basis, in sharing rooms;
  • International classes (20 lessons / 15 hours) with a maximum 12 students;
  • English online placement test;
  • Coursebook;
  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Activity programme: 3 afternoon or evening activities + 1 full day on the weekend
  • Weekly bus ticket (7 days, unlimited trips)
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers.
  • Insurance policy

Unlinke our international teen camp programme, we do not provide 24/7 supervision for students taking part in our Young Adult Programme.

Are you interested in learning more about this programme? Write to us directly at [email protected].

What our students say

At BELS you make friends and interact in English naturally, not like traditional classes. Thanks to these courses I perfected my vocabulary and grammar, and also become more fluent. It's an experience where you're speaking English 24/7.

Nico, Spain

It's perfect here in Malta because it's warm with beautiful beaches. And it's easy to connect with people at BELS. I think BELS is a good school and classes have a mix of vocabulary, speaking, and cultural topics. I made friends from all over the world and it's great.

Geraldine, Switzerland

We learned English in a very dynamic way - we played games, had projects and tasks. It's also a safe place to learn and everyone is helping each other, with no judgement. And of course, continued to speak after our classes as well.

Marta, Spain

It was very easy to make new friends, and also staying at the host-family was very nice. We ate together, talked a lot, and it was great to have this family environment. At school, all the teachers were extremely friendly and you can tell they genuinely care.

Timur, Germany

I chose BELS because the online reviews were amazing, and after experiencing myself I can say it was all true. The courses are well structured, and the teachers were very attentive. I was able to practice English non-stop and today I'm able to carry a conversation comfortably.

Leonore, France

Classes were better than anything I've experienced before. We covered a lot of subjections, talked throughout lessons. I'm speaking English all the time because of the multicultural environment and I can feel my English improving everyday.

Matteo, France