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About BELS – Boutique English Language schools in Malta & Gozo

Welcome to BELS Language School

We’re the language school with a difference. Our clients’ needs are given priority, and we truly mean it. BELS is an owner-run organisation built on core values: we supply quality service, we choose to be small and we remain client-focused. While staying at our English language schools in Malta and Gozo you can relax and focus on your studies. Our energetic team will handle everything to ensure that your stay at our English language schools in Malta and Gozo is a useful, memorable and unique experience.

We take pride in being a dynamic organisation, which is sensitive to global trends, thus operating English language schools in Malta and Gozo which adhere to international accreditation standards. We strive to have the best teachers, with courses and services that stand out as the finest offered on the Maltese Islands. Our culture is based on a holistic language learning approach that fosters learning both inside and outside the classroom. We offer our clients English courses in an environment that is conducive to learning, always providing a warm and welcome break from the hectic lifestyle.

Our language schools in Malta and Gozo guarantee high standard courses with a personal touch. The BELS group includes two adult, year round English language schools in Malta and Gozo: one in Kerċem, Gozo and another in St. Paul’s Bay, Malta. BELS also runs a seasonal junior program during Easter, summer and autumn, in Malta.

The BELS approach

  • The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method and the Blended Learning method
  • Learn new vocabulary and grammar and have plenty of opportunities to practise it in class
  • Wide variety of up-to-date material is used in class to stimulate discussion
  • Learner-centred and dynamic approach

High quality courses

Each course is specifically designed to help our students achieve their individual learning goals. With a small group size at both our English Language Schools in Malta and Gozo, the classroom environment is designed to be relaxed, interesting and enjoyable.

Our Teachers

  • Are a team of motivated and enthusiastic individuals from Malta and the UK
  • Are in possession of internationally recognised qualifications in TEFL, e.g. CELTA and Dip TESOL
  • Business English (BE) and English for Specific Purpose (ESP) teachers are qualified by the London Chamber of Commerce
  • Have several years of experience as teachers of English as a foreign language
  • Are undergoing Continuous Professional Development (regular performance appraisal interviews, attending workshops and seminars) on an annual basis

Why Choose BELS

  • We’re small and personal. With us you’re guaranteed individual attention
  • We offer flexible courses that are tailor-made to suit your needs
  • We have over 15 years of academic experience
  • We’re located in both Malta and Gozo
  • We’re the only school open all year round on the quaint island of Gozo
  • We also handle accommodation, airport services and leisure activities


BELS were established in Gozo in 1997 for the teaching of English as a foreign language. The School was, and still is, located in one of the most beautiful surroundings in our sister island. The learning objective there includes a cultural element and a total focus on the client.

During the last twenty years, BELS evolved into a multi-faceted school offering a service not only in Gozo but also in Malta, in St Paul’s Bay. The age bracket of its clients has expanded further, and now includes a TEENS School in summer. BELS English language schools in Malta and Gozo are open year-round.

BELS has solidified its organisation, built new bridges and reached out to clients from far-reaching nations. Its vision, developed from knowledge from its past, is clear and full of optimism:



The Vision at BELS is supported by its Mission Statement:


Our past has taught us that the focus on the client can never waver. BELS strives to supply a complete quality experience to our students, irrespective of age and interests. BELS Gozo, with its beautiful countryside surroundings in Kerċem, serves clients who are after a serene experience which can be supplied in conjunction with the Gozitan culture and its clear blue waters. BELS Malta in St Paul’s Bay, has a more varied clientele, both in age and interests. Here, the teaching style and cultural experiences are moulded to meet the expectations of its clients.

May 2017

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BELS Malta
BELS Junior

– BELS Junior is based in Malta. Students should use the Malta contact details from above.

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