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Here are 10 English Idioms Related to Spring

With the temperatures warming up, we’ve got a spring in our step and a couple of English idioms related to spring came to mind!

Spring is the season of activity and growth – as the weather warms up, trees and bushes begin to grow new leaves again and colorful flowers start to bloom. The days get longer, the nights get shorter, and most of us feel happier and more energised. It’s also a time that inspired many English idioms.

While you can find English idioms about every season, spring is the season with most English idioms. Most of the English idioms that are related to spring mirror the energetic and growing nature of springtime.

One of the best ways to remember English idioms is to put them in categories, so here are English idioms inspired by spring. Have you heard any of these English idioms before?

1. Spring into Action

This English idiom is used when something or someone is quiet and calm then suddenly becomes active and starts moving of working. It’s done quickly and with a energy or force.

‘The lifeguard sprang into action when he noticed the child drowning.’
‘Predators watch their prey silently spring into action in a moment’s notice.’

2. No spring chicken

When we say someone is a spring chicken it means they are young, youthful and full of energy just like the season implies. On the other hand, saying someone is no ‘spring chicken’ emphasizes that they are not young anymore and their abilities may show this. In other occasions it is used to show that although someone is old, they are still capable.

‘Ryan’s no spring chicken but he can still run as fast as people half his age’.
‘He looks pretty good considering he’s no spring chicken’.

3. A spring in someone’s step

This English idiom describes the way someone walks when they are full of energy and happy. Like a spring, they are bouncing off the ground. It usually shows that someone is feeling good.

‘We could tell she got hired for the new job because she walked out of the office with in spring in her step’.
‘He had a spring in his step after he won the lottery!’

4. To spring to mind

When something appears suddenly in your thoughts or you immediately think of someone or something. When someone mentions spring, all these English idioms will spring to mind!

‘When someone speaks of Italy, good wine and exquisite food springs to mind’.
‘Say the word ‘Paris’ and visions of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe spring to mind’.

5. To spring to life

To suddenly start moving and become very active or busy.

‘The town is quiet in the morning, but it suddenly springs to life around nine o’clock when the shops open.’
‘The clubbing scene springs to life after 10 o’clock’.

6. To spring out of something

To jump out of something or jump out at someone.

‘She wakes up in a great mood, springs out of bed every morning!’
‘A grasshopper sprang out at me when I was watering the plants.’

7. To spring something on someone

When you share news or an announcement on someone without any warning or context. You say something suddenly when it is not expected. Using this idiom implies that it would have been better to have a warning beforehand.

‘A good leader keeps employees informed of decisions along the way and doesn’t just spring it on them suddenly’.

8. To be full of the joys of spring

This is a British idiom used to say that someone is very lively, jolly and cheerful.

“How are you so full of the joys of spring at 6am on a Monday morning!”

9. Spring cleaning

To thoroughly clean a place, especially in springtime.

10. Spring fever

Spring fever is any change in mood or behavior which is experienced with the start or spring. Usually a feeling of restlessness and excitement because spring is coming, and the weather is getting warmer.

Spring English Idioms: Test yourself!

  1. As soon as the boss came in the door, everyone ______________.
  2. I don’t know how old Mike is, but obviously he is ______________.”
  3. He’s had a __________ since he met Joanna.
  4. Say the word “Australia” and a vision of beaches and blue seas immediately ____________.
  5. After about eight o’clock the city _______________.
  6. The cat ________ of the closet when I opened the door.
  7. I hope he’s not going to _________ any crazy ideas  _____ us at the meeting this morning.
  8. He bounced into the office, full of _______________.
  9. I gave the kitchen a ____________ at the weekend.
  10. ‘A few kids had ___________ and thought was a good reason to skip finals, but I went to school every single day.’

Did you use the Spring English idioms correctly? Have a look at the answers here:

  1. sprung into action.
  2. no spring chicken.
  3. spring in his step.
  4. spring to mind.
  5. springs to life.
  6. sprang out.
  7. spring, onto.
  8. the joys of spring.
  9. spring clean.
  10. spring fever.

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