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Business English Classes for International Professionals

Boost your Business Communication Skills by Joining Certified Group Courses

Are you interested in taking business English language classes? Malta is known for providing an immersive learning experience, prestigious English schools and an overall pleasant holiday in a warm climate. Joining business English classes in Malta is an opportunity to take a break from your regular routine, discover the islands and experience a multicultural learning environment.

Our standard business group courses are aimed at second language speakers of English, who wish to develop their overall English skills for improved performance at the workplace.

Each course is two-weeks long with specific start dates throughout the year at BELS Malta and BELS Gozo. Groups are with a maximum of 6 students to ensure maximum participation and personalization.

Business English courses in Malta at our schools with us
General Business English

(16+ years)

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Business English Classes

What do the  classes cover?

The international group classes cover an array of general themes, language, and skills which are applicable to any industry functioning in an international capacity. They are designed to enable students to conduct their day-to-day tasks in English as seamlessly as in their first language. Practical and current case-studies are used throughout the course.

What are the learning outcomes of this course?

Students joining this course benefit from increased confidence in using English as the main language at the workplace,

What content is used?

Throughout these classes we use a blended learning approach, making use of a combination of books, journals and video content from respected business English sources and publications.

How are classes delivered?

Classes are delivered in a communicative approach to maximise learning. Students will participate in business discussions, practical tasks, role-plays, presentations and similar activities throughout the course. Fluency and accuracy and the focus points with each task.

How are groups formed?

These business classes are available in various levels. The minimum entry level is B1 whereas the highest level is proficiency. Prior to joining the course, you can sit for our online placement test to determine your level.