Beginner English Course for Adults - BELS Malta and Gozo

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Beginner English Courses to Gain Fundamental Language Skills

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English lessons per week

20/30 lessons per week (15/22.5 hours)

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course days

Monday - Friday

Course hours


Minimum age


Minimum entry level


Students per class

Standard max 12. / Mini-group max 6.

Course level

Adult learners

Ideal for

Students who wish to gain basic skills to join elementary courses

20-30 Lessons / max. 12 Students

This two-week course is suitable for complete beginners and students who are new to learning English. The course includes 20 lessons per week.  Lessons are delivered in our bright and modern centers, using interactive boards and a student-centered approach to enhance the learning experience.

Our beginner course will help students gain the confidence needed to start using English and provide the necessary language input to begin to understand and speak English in everyday situations. The course content covers the foundations of the English language. It will help students understand and participate in basic conversation using common expressions and phrases. Students will also gain skills in all areas of the language: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing. In addition, the course equips them with the necessary skills to become autonomous learners of English.

Our lessons are communicative, allowing you to develop your communication skills by practicing the new language, working with classmates and taking part in activities such as role-plays and interviews.

This course is delivered at both our BELS Gozo and Malta centres. Since this is a starter English group course, there is no minimum  level of English required to join. Once the beginners course is completed, you will be ready to join an Elementary level group course (A1).

What to expect:

  • Learn, review and practise the foundations of English grammar;
  • Begin to understand and use common everyday expressions and phrases;
  • Acquire functional and natural language for everyday situations;
  • Learn and practise how to have a basic conversation in English;
  • Have communicative, friendly and Interactive lessons;
  • Receiving individual attention from your teacher.

To learn more about our beginners course, write to us directly at [email protected].

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