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Improve your business English with BELS Malta English courses

Benefits of improving your business English through courses offered by BELS

With extensive experience in delivering Business English training courses across numerous industries, BELS Language Schools have the tools and expertise required to help your organisation achieve its business objectives. Whether you are a small owner-run business or a multi-layered corporation, we can design the ideal Business English training courses for your organisation.

Professional, Personalised and Practical Training

One of our specialties at BELS Language Schools is putting together tailor-made Business English programmes for companies by identifying and fine-tuning key performance characteristics related to the specific area of business. We take the time to sit down with the participants and key representatives to conduct a detailed needs analysis. Our experts will then analyse this information and select the most suitable teaching material and techniques to plan a learning progamme suited to your company and its employees’ needs. The study experience is packed with real-world scenarios and business cases which the employees face in their day-to-day tasks. We equip employees with a range of practical tools and essential skills which can be immediately implemented.

Individual or group Business English training

BELS Malta Business English training courses are recommended for companies which strive to deliver outstanding quality service by investing in their teams as well as continuously perfecting its established practices. Training can be offered in group courses, or individual lessons. We cover a wide spectrum of industries across all departments, including:

  • iGaming;
  • Accounting and Finance;
  • Law Firms;
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service;
  • Management and Human Resources;
  • Aviation, Automotive and Transport;
  • Scientific and Laboratory;
  • Secretarial and Administration.

What to expect:

  • Free consultation & detailed needs analysis;
  • Tailor-made content designed for your team;
  • Real life situations and business cases based on your line of work;
  • Useful knowledge that can be implemented immediately;
  • Certificate of attendance by internationally accredited school;
  • Courses delivered at our school, at your premises (Malta and Gozo), or online.

Where are the courses held?

The training sessions can be delivered:

  • At BELS Language Schools in Malta and Gozo (St.Paul’s Bay/Kercem);
  • At your premises (Malta and Gozo);
  • OR Online.

Information and Entry requirements for these business courses

  • Minimum age: 16
  • Minimum Entry level: None
  • Minimum class size: 1
  • Course time, length, scheduled: as requested
  • Course Location: 1) BELS Malta (St.Paul’s Bay); 2) BELS Gozo (Kercem); 3) your offices in Malta or Gozo; Or 4) online.

Would you like to learn more about BELS Malta Business English training courses? Send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 27555534.

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