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English lessons per week

30 lessons / 22.5 hours per week

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course days

Monday - Friday

Course hours

09:00-10:30 /break/ 11:00-14:15

Minimum age


Minimum entry level


Students per class

max 6.

Course level

Adult learners

Ideal for

Educators looking for professional development in teaching methodology and digital skills.

Discover Modern Methodologies and Technology in the Classroom.

Our Erasmus+ Teacher Training programs in Malta and Gozo are designed to provide educators with a dynamic and multicultural learning environment, where they can develop essential skills to become better teachers. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of both new and experienced educators, who are seeking to gain professional development opportunities and refresh their teaching techniques.

Our Erasmus Teacher Training Courses provide quality language training in all our courses and opportunities to network with other educators from around the world. Our classes are conducted fun yet professional, ensuring the learning experience is enjoyable and effective.

Course Structure

We offer teacher training programmes for teachers who want to further their education and expose themselves to new methodologies. Our Erasmus Teacher Training Courses include a combination of our General English Standard course (20 lessons / 15 hours per week), which is followed by a teacher methodology course (10 lessons / 7.5 hours per week).

This combination exposes educators to the communicative and blended learning teaching approach, digital skills, incorporating 21st-century skills within the classroom, and CLIL methodologies. Additionally, they will benefit from boosting their English skills in a class based on their level.

General English Standard Course

Our General English course (20 lessons) focuses on giving the learner balanced practice in both systems (grammar, vocabulary, phonology,
discourse) and skills using general topics and authentic material. The course concentrates on all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and
writing with particular emphasis on fluency.

Teacher Training Course

The additional 10 lessons are held in the afternoons and focus on teaching methodology, dedicating plenty of time to confidence-building
in teaching different subjects using English as a medium. This course is ideal for teachers who would like to fine-tune their teaching skills and apply new techniques and methods to their classrooms. The lessons include a variety of topics that cover the essential skills to teach English along with other subjects through functional language, role-plays, discussions and a variety of techniques to ensure that the students absorb as much of the language as possible.

To receive more information about our Erasmus Teacher Training courses, write to us on [email protected].