English Summer Camps - BELS

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Immerse yourself in English

Develop your English

Learn from experienced teachers at school, and speak English with your new friends after class.

Make International Friends

Socialise with like-minded people and build lasting friendships in our welcoming student community.

Explore our Islands

Discover the natural beauty, history, and culture that Malta and Gozo have to offer on our activity programme.

You can expect

Safety & Supervision

We're in a safe location and provide 24/7 supervision. Parents have access to an emergency number too!

Innovative Courses

Our courses keep young minds buzzing, using communication, collaboration and creativity along with tech and VR!

Social & Cultural Activities

Our activity programmes Including sports activities, social events and cultural and historical visits.


This is the first time that I traveled abroad on my own- I feel very safe here.  We have many different activities, I especially enjoy the beach and cultural ones. Lessons are fun too, much more than in my regular school.

Maria, Italy

This is the second time I’m attending the camp. I love the people, the mix of lessons and activities, and seeing the sun every day.  It’s a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world.

Lennart, Switzerland

I learnt a lot! We had good teachers in the classroom and I made a lot of new friends. During the lessons, we spent time working together and also giving a presentation of our projects.

Sara, Germany

My time in Malta was really memorable. The lessons and activities were planned really well, but the most important experience for me was the new friends I met and spending quality time with the best leaders who I also consider my friends.

Phillip, France

This is my fourth time learning English with BELS Juniors in Malta. Every year is different from the previous one as the school is always improving the overall experience and the leaders that spend time with us is great.

Arkadii, Russia
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