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Your Ultimate List of Christmas Songs in English for a Game Night

For many, the holidays are not complete without classical Christmas carols or catchy jingles. Some Christmas songs have become so popular and loved that they’ve been covered by numerous bands and in several languages. People are familiar with them no matter which part of the world they come from and which language they speak. We’ve memorized the lyrics, the meaning and the tune. That familiarity makes Christmas music a great way to learn English over some laughter with friends.

So get a group of your favourite people together, put on your cheesiest Christmas jumper and spend the evening singing along to some Christmas songs. After all science shows that the best kind of learning happens when you’re having fun. A little competition also helps!

Check out our list of Christmas songs in English, graded by level.

We’ve complied a list of classical and modern Christmas songs for learners of English. Each song has a quiz and some activities to test your English grammar and vocabulary. They’re separated according to level of English as well.

Not sure what your level is? Take our test.

Beginner and Elementary

Elementary and Pre-intermediate

Intermediate and Upper-intermediate 


Try Christmas karaoke using the links below. Practice the original version of the song first and try to master it on karaoke.

Looking for something even more challenging?

Listen to the songs below and try to write down the lyrics. You can listen to song three times to complete the activity. After that you have to share what you’ve written with your friend, and see who’s version is the most accurate.

  • Christmas Lights – Coldplay
  • Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers
  • Dirt Sledding ft. Ryan Pardey, Richard Dreyfuss – The Killers
  • A Great Big Sled ft. Toni Halliday – The Killers
  • Everyday Is Christmas – Sia
  • Snowman – Sia
  • Round and Round – Sia

Here’s our personal favorite:


Looking for more Christmas-themed ways to learn English? Discover the story of Christmas in English.


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