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Christmas in an enchanting time of the year, and what better way to recapture the childhood excitement than through Christmas stories in English? You can get into the Christmas spirit while learning phrases and vocabulary related the festive season in English.

The love of stories is an innate human quality that stretches across centuries and cultures. Throughout history there has always been a fascination with stories, dating back to cave drawings, ancient Egyptian art, and epic legends. They satisfy our social needs for discovery, connection, and happiness. As time passed this transformed into theatre, novels, cinema and now streaming movies from the comfort of our homes.

Combine this with the charm of Christmas for a truly magical experience with your loved ones. And the best way to discover the story of Christmas in English is through the work of Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens is known as the man who invented Christmas thanks to his novel ‘A Christmas Carol’. His creation is said to be the inception of Christmas as we know it today, with his characters being associated with Christmas worldwide.

Here are two popular and quality tell the stories of Christmas in English, connected to Dickens.

1. A Christmas Carol (1843, 2009)

You might have heard of ‘A Christmas Carol’, an 1843 novel which is where the tale of Scrooge originates. The book recounts the story of Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come. Through these visits, Scrooge discovers the errors of his ways and transforms into a kinder man, thanks to the Christmas spirit.

In 2009 the timeless classic was adapted into an animated fantasy movie by Disney. Apart from being an entertaining tale, this film is good exposure to eloquent British English.

2. The Man who Invented Christmas (2017)

This movie gives a peak into the writing process of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and into the brilliant mind of Charles Dickens. It looks at the period in which Charles Dickens was living in England, his personal life and how it led him to write the book which invented Christmas as we know it today.

You can see his story and characters come to life in Victorian England and gain a cultural understanding of British lifestyle in the period. Once again, this movie is full of poetic language, a great way to discover the story of Christmas in English, within a natural context.

Want to discover more Christmas stories in English? Check this space regularly for more content.