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BELS Approach: Communication and Easy Learning focus in all English Language Courses.

What does this mean?

Teaching a class of adults and a class of young learners are miles apart. Through the topics we choose and our method of delivery, we ensure that our courses of English for young learners in Malta are engaging and encourage real communication. Here’s how that’s done:

1. Communicative activities, Pair work

courses of English for young learners in Malta

Using the communicative approach means that communication is at the center of all classroom activities our classrooms. In classes of English for young learners in Malta, students have to participate in activities that are based on a cooperative approach by working with others in pairs or groups. Students have to discuss and work collectively to accomplish a task.

2. Meaningful conversation, Everyday English

BELS Malta English for young learners classrooms aren’t traditional, rigid or teacher-centered. Our classrooms come to life and our students are actively involved and participating throughout. This approach to teaching English to young learners boosts fluency and supports real life usage of English which benefits the learning process.

3. Relevant, Practical Topics

All our BELS Malta English for young learners courses are specifically designed to interest young minds. Our team of young and energetic teachers continuously update their course material to remain relevant. That way we ensure that our lessons spark practical and meaningful discussions about topics that young learners are actually interested in and deal with on a daily basis.

4. Grammar, Vocab and Pronunciation too!

Does this mean that courses of English for young learners in Malta only concentrate on speaking skills? Definitely not. It’s a style of teaching all skills (reading, speaking, writing, listening) and systems (grammar, vocabulary, phonology, discourse) that makes the language more meaningful.

To learn more about English for young learners in Malta at BELS, send us an email at [email protected].

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