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An Online Lesson about Common Happiness Expressions in English

There are many ways to express happiness in English, with a variety of synonyms showing different degrees or categories of happiness. Once you’ve perfected the basics of English, it’s time to move on to the more intricate parts of the language and the way it is used by natives in everyday life. That leads to symbolism, idioms, expressions, and metaphors which can be somewhat confusing for a second language speaker.

Being able to share your feelings is a necessary skill in any language. Sometimes, it’s a difficult thing to do even in your first language. So, when it comes to a second language, it’s an area that deserves a lot of attention. In this online lessons, we’ll focus on happiness expressions in English.

Synonyms of Happy (Adjective) and Happiness (Noun)

While happiness expresses the general state, there is a selection of words that describe the conditions, origins or degree of happiness. Here’s a list of adjectives and nouns associated with happiness.

  • Satisfied / Satisfaction – Happy and satisfied with the results of something, feeling accomplished.
  • Pleased / Pleasant – Happy and satisfied with the outcome of something. An atmosphere that gives a sense of happiness and enjoyment.
  • Glad / Gladness – Happy and pleased about something.
  • Content / Contentment – Happy and satisfied with your life.
  • Cheerful / Cheer – Behaving in a happy and friendly way, or a happy and friendly environment.
  • Delighted / Delight – feeling or showing great pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Joyful / Joy – To be beaming with happiness. A person who is continuously laughing and energetic, always in light and good mood. A situation that has a burst of happiness, laughter, and celebration.
  • Blissful / Bliss – extremely happy, full of joy, and feeling at peace.
  • Optimistic / Optimism – Hopeful and positive person.
  • Euphoric / Euphoria – feeling intense excitement and happiness.
  • Carefree / Carefreeness – Content, free from anxiety or responsibility.
  • Exuberant / Exuberance– happy, excited, and full of energy

Here are 8 Common English Expressions about Happiness

1. On Top of the World

The height of happiness. When you’re on top of the world you feel wonderful, ecstatic, and elated. There’s no way you can feel happier.

Example: She’s passed her Cambridge English exam. She’s on top of the world!

2. On Cloud Nine

To be extremely happy or elated, it is often used when the feeling lasts long past the event that caused it.

Example: I’ve been on cloud nine ever since I landed my dream job.

3.  Happy go lucky

Somebody with a happy-go-lucky attitude is a generally cheerful person with little concern about the future. They lead a stress-free life and have a calm, laidback attitude. Example: They’re easy-going and live in the moment.

Example: He’s got a very happy-go-lucky approach to life and takes everything day by day. 

4. Over the moon

Excited and delighted – in a state of great happiness.

Example: He’s over the moon about being accepted to the university.

5. Cheer up

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, you need some cheering up! When you start to feel happy again, then you’re starting to cheer up. This phrasal verb is used to encourage people to be positive when they’re upset about something.

Example: Cheer up—things will get better!

6. Buzzed/ Hyped

To be full of excitement or activity, to be euphoric or very stimulated.

Example: He was buzzing with anticipation for the big game!

7. Grin from ear to ear

When somebody’s grinning from ear to ear, they’ve probably just received some really good news or experienced an important life event. It describes a very wide smile and an eagerness and excitement.

Example: He was grinning from ear to ear so we knew he had good news to tell us.

8. Full of the joys of Spring

Spring idioms and expressions are often used to show happiness. The association with Spring reflects energy, happiness, and feeling alive. This idiom is used to show that someone is walking around with a bounce in their step.

Example: How are you so full of the joys of spring at 6 am on a Monday morning!

9. A Happy Camper

A happy camper is someone who is happy in a situation, feeling content and satisfied. This English expression is often used to show unhappiness with a situation, in the negative form.

Example: All I need is good food, good company, and nature and I’m a happy camper.

Example: My favorite Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood just shut down, I’m not a happy camper.

10. In Good Spirits / In High Spirits

Used to show that someone is in a particularly energetic and lively mood.

Example: All the children were in high spirits on the last day of school.

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Time to Practice! Use the 10 happiness expressions in English in the sentences below.

Tip: Apart from selecting the correct happiness expression, ensure the correct verb tense is selected.

  1. After everyone left the party, both Alex and Carmen were ______________.
  2. Everyone was _________ up about the Olympics, there were crowds for miles.
  3. He bounced into the office, full of ___________
  4. When I admitted I was wrong my mother just _________________
  5. Most people see him as a _____________ guy without a care in the world.
  6. He was over ___________ about the ratings.
  7. He’s been on __________ ever since she agreed to marry him.
  8. She’s just found out about the pay cut and she’s not a ________________.
  9. My husband has been in a bad mood recently, but today he has ______________.
  10. Two months before she gave birth to Jason, she left work feeling on _______________.

Answer key:

  1. In good spirts / In high spirits.
  2. Hyped up / Buzzed.
  3. The joys of spring.
  4. Grinned from ear to ear.
  5. Happy-go-lucky.
  6. the moon.
  7. Cloud nine / Top of the world.
  8. Happy camper.
  9. Cheered up.
  10. Top of the world / Cloud nine.

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