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Perfect your Communication with English for HR

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Course Length

Flexible, depending on individual needs

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Delivery Method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Professionals working with HR departments or HR firms, business owners, entrepreneurs.

Suitable Roles

Entrepreneurs, HR professionals, Team leaders, managers, business owners, HR students

Establish a Solid and Effective Department

Our English for HR course is designed to develop communicative performance of human resources professionals in their dealings with new recruits, team members, managers, and clients. It is aimed at individuals interested in establishing a more robust department and holistic understanding of human resources management. The course is suitable for professionals new to HR as well as those seeking to upskill and upgrade their knowledge.

The course content is intended to enable HR personnel to use standard industry terminology in English with appropriate register, linguistic context and style for professional correspondence. This will be achieved by establishing key communication and management strategies relating to core HR roles and responsibilities.

Throughout the course, the role of human resources personnel is explored from the administrative and compliance perspective up to strategy and business growth. Additionally, the course explores current trends affecting talent management and retaining systems for overall enhanced business performance. Discussions will involve selecting the right leadership styles in particular situations to keep your employees inspired, motivated and engaged in work. Value will be added to the organization through increased employee satisfaction and building better business relationships through the use of positive language.

As well as formal classroom teaching to learn business English and communication strategies, study activities are interactive and make use of role-play, case studies, debates, and discussions to create a practical learning environment.

Course Objectives

  • Refine recruitment and selection strategies;
  • Finetune communication techniques to attract, recruit and retain the best talent;
  • Establish training techniques to prepare new employees;
  • Express themselves in a direct, yet polite manner;
  • List effective tactics to build employee relationships;
  • Develop approaches to deal with difficult scenarios;
  • Acquiring language and skills related to performance management and reviews.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build and conduct well prepared recruitment processes;
  • Plan and deliver effective and engaging training sessions;
  • Support employees by resolving issues and use motivating language;
  • Formulate contracts with clear and accurate structures;
  • Maintain positive employee relationships;
  • Manage employee performance with appropriate communication.

Our English for HR course is available as tailor-made training for individuals or companies. Courses are delivered at our schools in Malta and Gozo, at your offices or online. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


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