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Adult English Courses in Malta & Gozo

BELS offers a wide selection of short-term, as well as long-term (8+ weeks) adult English courses in Malta and Gozo.

Adult English Group Courses in Malta and Gozo

General English Standard (20 lessons / max. 12 students)

This programme focuses on giving the learner balanced practice in both systems and skills using general topics. The course concentrates on all the four skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing with special emphasis on fluency.

General English Intensive (30 lessons / max. 12 students)

The programme focuses on giving the learner practice in developing speaking fluency. The teacher prepares a topic-based lesson and sets various speaking tasks.

General English Mini (20-30 lessons / max. 6 students)

The limited number of students in class and the additional lessons provide the opportunity for more individual attention and focus on the English skills, as well as, more contact with your teacher. This course offers specific advantages such as more guidance, feedback and attention.

Beginner English Courses (20 lessons / max. 12 students)

New to the English language? Take one of our Beginners English courses in Malta and Gozo to boost your confidence, and language skills.

Business English Mini (20 lessons / max. 6 students)

Pursue your professional goals and exceed expectations by taking Business English courses in Malta and Gozo.

Young Adult Programme (20/30 lessons / max. 12 students)

Learn English in Malta, develop your communication skills and discover an exciting destination on our Young-Adult Programme.

Individual / Combination Courses

Individual Lessons

General English or English for Specific Purpose (Business, Exams, Academic, etc.)

Combination Lessons

Combine General English group lessons with individual lessons for a more all-rounded learning experience.

Individual Courses

Individual courses allow students to concentrate on any of the four skills (reading, writing, listening & speaking) they feel they need to work on.

Personalised Study & Travel Packages

Closed Group Courses with BELS English Schools in Malta & Gozo

BELS organise closed-group learning holidays at our English schools in Malta and Gozo all year round. Our team can design tailor-made language holidays of any duration, with or without leisure activities, transport and accommodation.

– BELS Junior is based in Malta. Students should use the Malta contact details from above.

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