General English Course in Mini Group - BELS Malta and Gozo

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English lessons per week

20 lessons (15 hours) / 30 lessons (22.5 hours) per week

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course days

Monday - Friday

Course hours

Depending on course chosen

Minimum age


Minimum entry level


Students per class

Average 4, max. 6

Course level

Adult learners

Ideal for

Students who would like to improve their English in small group sizes

20-30 Lessons / max. 6 Students

Our General English Standard and Intensive courses are also available as mini-groups. This option is ideal for students who prefer to learn in a smaller classroom environment. Mini-group courses have a maximum of 6 students per class, therefore guaranteeing more individual attention from the teacher and the ability to learn at a slower pace. Each of the group courses at our English language schools can be taken as a mini-group course; both our General English Standard courses and General English Intensive courses have a mini-group option for all levels of English.

Enrolling in a mini-group offers specific advantages such as more guidance, feedback and individual attention from the teacher. The limited number of students per classroom benefits learners as each student allows for more speaking time per student. Lessons can also be personalised more due to address individual requests. Moreover, a small classroom environment gives the teacher more opportunities to observe and asses the students and their individual learning needs.This usually results in more effective learning, especially for quiet students who can receive more encouragement from the teacher. In addition, each student will have more speaking time and direct feedback from the teacher.

These are available at our BELS Malta and BELS Gozo English schools. Our standard and intensive mini-group courses focus on the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and the language systems (grammar, vocabulary, phonology, discourse). All lessons are delivered in a communicative and student-centered approach.

What to expect:

  • Course book and BELS course material;
  • Bright classrooms in modern English language schools;
  • Friendly classroom atmosphere & individual attention from your teacher;
  • Continuous error-correction from your teacher;
  • Lessons based on active student participation;
  • Improved receptive (reading, listening) & communicative skills (speaking, writing);
  • Improved accuracy and fluency in all areas of the language (grammar, vocabulary, phonology);
  • Course certificate & personalised student assessment report;
  • Access to e-learning platform connected to your coursebook.

If you have any questions regarding our mini-groups or enrollment, write to us at [email protected].

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