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Communicative and Effective English Classes for Adults

Practical and Interactive Sessions using Real-world Content

All our adult classes in Malta and Gozo are sociable and communicative for optimal learning, and also to create an enjoyable learning experience. Our classes encourage real communication and student personalisation. We achieve this by using communicative teaching as one of our primary approaches.  So what do classes involve?

Essentially, the communicative approach puts communication at the center of all classroom activities in English courses for adults. Rather than taking an individualistic learning approach, learners have to participate in classroom activities that are based on a cooperative approach. In a classroom situation, that means providing adult classes that encourage working in pairs, having group discussions and working collectively to accomplish a task.

Our adult classrooms aren’t the traditional, rigid, teacher-centered ones you might be used to. Our classrooms come to life, our students are the center of the classroom and actively involved at all times. This approach to English courses for adults enables our students to become fluent while encouraging real life usage of English which supports the learning process. Our teachers and course books use authentic materials to encourage practical and meaningful discussions about topics and situations that concern the real world.

Does this mean that the adult classes only focus on speaking English? Certainly not. It’s a style of teaching grammar and all the necessary skills for using a language (reading, listening, speaking, writing). Using this approach for English courses for adults makes the language more meaningful, and you learn to use the language appropriate for a given social context. Our English courses for adults emphasize the relationship between the language and its social context, allowing you to use English appropriately and effectively throughout your daily life.

What kind of English classes for adults does BELS offer?

With 20 years of experience, BELS offer a selection of English courses for adults to suit every kind of learner. Our English courses for adults include individual lessons, group lessons, and even online lessons. Apart from offering general English courses for adults, we also provide fluency group classes in the afternoon.  You can read more about our intensive English courses. When you register to one of our English courses for adults, you also get access to our online learning platform

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