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Develop English for Administration to Excel in Multifaceted Role

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Course type


Course length

25 hours for MFHEA recognition


1-3 people: €850 | Additional students: €250 per person

Admin & Course material

€55 per person

Entry age


Entry level


Qualification level

MQF Level 5

1 ECTS/ECTVET point per course

MFHEA license number


Applicable for refund schemes

Get qualified, investing in skills

Delivery method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Professionals who wish to upskill or progress in their career

Suitable roles

Individuals working in administration across a variety of industries

Enhance Communication skills for a fast-paced office environment

Our English for administration course prepares professionals with the practical and people skills required for a number of office environments.  It is suitable for individuals working in administration across a variety of industries.

The course content is designed to improve overall level of English while highlighting specific areas which are directly connected to business needs. Achieving proficiency in written and spoken English will enable administrators to perform their daily tasks with ease and flexibility. Attention is given to develop both theoretical and applied skills through various simulated office scenarios.

After following this course, administration professionals will possess the communication skills and fluency required to multitask under the most hectic conditions. Since office administration positions usually require working across a variety of different departments within an organisation, the course also develops skills enabling executives to be adaptable to a variety of different environments and procedures.

Along with input from expert trainers, students will also learn through task-based learning and collaborative work. Real-world situations and case-studies are used throughout.

Suggseted Topics:

  1. Emailing 
  2. Making calls 
  3. People skills- Rapport 
  4. Solving problems 
  5. Culture clash 
  6. Trial and error 

The suggested topics are a guideline, build your own course based on your needs.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop language skills to deal with people in business situations;
  • Increase knowledge of key business concepts worldwide;
  • Write and read business reports, faxes, e-mails and memos;
  • Expand vocabulary related to general business situations;
  • Develop confidence to deal with people and issues in the business world;
  • Be able to understand how various departments of a business operate both independently yet work together to add to a company’s profitability;
  • Conducting administrative procedures and producing industry-standard documents;
  • Identify differences and similarities between doing business locally and internationally.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Proficiency in using English as main language for communication;
  • Increased fluency, accuracy and effectiveness in daily tasks;
  • Apply new business skills to their roles;
  • Establish differences between cultures and formal language to build better future client relations;
  • Become more self-aware in use of language.

Are you interested in our MFHEA Award course? Download the complete course programme and requirements here. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Email us at [email protected] to discuss a personalised learning plan for groups or individuals.

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