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Delivering Business Communication Courses for C-Level Employees

We’ve recently worked with Forestals in training their top-level employees to perfect their business communication skills.

Read what the CEO, Luke Tabone, had to say about their experience with BELS.

Our company and vision  

Forestals is one of Malta’s established and best known Group of Companies. We’ve been around for more than 80 years and have gone through three generations of growth and diversification. I’ve been working within the group since 2004, starting out in consumer logistics and operations, together with business development and product portfolio management in the consumer segment. I was appointed CEO in 2020, tasked with overseeing the direction of the group and strengthening our position for the next 80 years

Why we invested in business English communication courses

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which was the reason I wanted to ensure that our C level staff would have all the tools necessary when dealing with suppliers, public presentations or dealing with customers. Given the challenges and time constraints, it was important to find a school that not only understood the nature of our work, but was flexible and accommodating to fit in their schedules

Upskilling in English has given my team more confidence, and it has shown them that we are willing in investing in them.

Our experience working with BELS

BELS made the whole process extremely simple and convenient. They worked around our schedules offering lessons both in person or virtually. They were able to help get it all organized with minimal disruption.

BELS gave us freedom to carry out training at our premises with their teacher communicating and setting a schedule with our employees. They reviewed past correspondence with the employees to selectively target the areas that required most attention.

I would definitely recommend BELS, particularly their business English communication courses to others. It’s easy to rest on your laurels, however in order to remain ahead you need to continue investing and training in all areas. BELS have the expertise, passion and dedication to help you see your company’s vision through.

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