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How can I plan a trip to learn English in Malta?

In any search for locations to learn English, Malta is likely to come up on top.  The same can be said when looking for top island travel destinations. In recent years, the beauty of our islands has received worldwide appreciation, with visitors from all over the world coming here to experience the unique character, varied culture, rich history, and natural wonders. People love Malta because of how easily accessible it is due to its central location in the Mediterranean. Then there’s the sun, magnificent beaches, a slower pace of life, and an energetic cosmopolitan lifestyle. And of course, the fact that it’s an English-speaking country and former British country.

Being an English-speaking country has also placed Malta as the ultimate destination to learn English.  There are a variety of schools for all ages, which are open all year round. Over the years, English schools in Malta and Gozo have gained a reputation for the quality of education they provide. Also, when compared to other popular destinations, there’s the added benefit of the year-round warm climate and lower cost of living.  Here you can make steady progress and find quality English courses, while also learning in an immersive environment.

Here at BELS Language schools, we’ve compiled a guide to help you plan your trip to learn English in Malta. It’s based on our years of experience and common inquiries from our students.

Your English learning journey in Malta starts here. Follow these 9 steps!

1. Contact BELS

As a first step we always advise to speak with us directly, since we can guide you depending on your nationality and visa requirements, preferred travel dates and course duration. These factors are important to consider from the start.

2. Select your location

While everyone knows about Malta and the opportunities to learn English there, few are aware of the smaller island of Gozo, which forms a part of Malta. And no trip to Malta is complete without truly experiencing both islands. We recommend at least a full week to get to know Gozo and all its unique nooks and crannies. Yes, Gozo is tiny – but it’s full of charm and worth the extra mile. It’s also home to BELS English language schools, located in the middle of the countryside in the rustic village of Kercem.

Each island and school have their own character and are suitable for different kinds of travellers. When you speak to us, we’ll answer all your questions and suggest the ideal location for you. It’s also possible to split your study trip and learn English at both schools. It’s the best way to discover both islands during your stay.

3. Find a suitable course for your needs

Most students either need to learn general English for everyday use, business English to improve their career prospects, or academic skills to prepare for an upcoming exam. In some situations, students need a personalied approach to develop English for a specific purpose. It’s imperative to choose the right course for effective and lasting progress. So outline your needs and aims well, then speak to our school to guide you.

At BELS we have a variety of courses for all levels, ages, and learning interests. We’ve also got a team of experienced professionals who have the expertise and eagerness to help. We will guide you in determining your correct level of English from English courses for beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced courses in English, for business or leisure.

When speaking to us, we’ll help you choose the best course and map out a learning plan to get your English where it needs to be.

4.  Plan your living arrangements

Once your course is chosen we’ll move on to accommodation. The choice of accommodation throughout your trip has an impact on your overall experience. One of the most important aspects of learning English abroad is becoming a part of an international student community.

When learning English with us, the social aspect is present at school and even in our residences. There’s also the option to live with a local family and experience the culture first hand (as well as taste, with deliciously prepared homemade meals).

Depending on your personality we’ll also guide you through choosing the accommodation that would suit you most – whether you prefer to stay in host-family, student residence, hotel or private apartments.

5. Consider the course duration and travel period

The time of travel and duration of stay often influence the price. Firstly, there is the high season which is usually from the middle of June, until the end of September. If you study English in the winter period, you will have lower rates. And the best part is that the discounted rates are also available in the shoulder periods – September, October, May and June are all blessed with summer weather and low season prices.

If you study for a longer period, so anything between 8+ weeks, you will also benefit from cheaper weekly rates.

6. Obtain a complete quotation and register directly online

If you want to get an indication of prices, you can use our online pricing tool. To get an accurate quotation and ensure you are selecting the right course, it’s always best to speak with us directly. One of our team members will provide an accurate and complete quotation and the necessary steps to register for courses with us directly. Everything can be planned with us.

7.  Request your time off

Whether you want to learn English for business or leisure, whatever your age or skill level, the minimum course duration is one week. Long-term courses are also very popular, for those aiming to become fluent in English. Once you have selected your course dates, take the time off and book your course.

8. Book flights to Malta

You only need to book your flights. We assist you with organising everything else, including visa applications, taxi bookings and car rentals, accommodation, sightseeing and activities. As soon as you arrive at the airport, our driver will welcome you and take you directly to the accommodation, also providing a welcome pack and keys to the residence.

9. Discover the islands and have fun

Learn English in the mornings and enjoy our gorgeous islands after classes. We can help you have a good time! We advise you and help you organise your sightseeing, boat trips, adventure sports, walks, festivals, beach-going and anything you wish to do. Have a great time on holiday and go home with a new skill and a course certificate to demonstrate your success!

Plan your trip to learn English in Malta with BELS – Why?

  • We’re known for our amazing reviews, quality courses, and boutique service.
  • We’re a medium-sized school, small enough to offer a personalised service, and large enough to have excellent facilities.
  • We know all our students by name and their individual learning needs – with us you’ll never be just a number on a list!
  • There’s a lovely student community at our schools and residences.
  • Our student residences are in modern apartments, with a maximum of 2 people per room and 6 people per residence.
  • We have two amazing locations; you can continue the same course and experience both islands.
  • Our doors (and ears) are always open – whatever you need help with, you will find it right away.

Browse through our student testimonials to see what you can expect when learning English with us in Malta or Gozo.

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