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Practical English Classes for Kids and Teens in Malta

Designed for their interests, learning needs and age by our industry experts.

Apart from our selection of adult English classes, here at BELS we also offer English for kids in Malta. Our English for kids programme is planned especially to interest and engage young minds into the language. All of our English courses for kids are interactive and provide students with practical language they can use to express themselves in their daily lives. By joining our courses, students will develop a new perspective and love for the language, with lifetime benefits.

Our team of qualified teachers create an English for kids programme that is tailor-made especially for young learners. At BELS we promote the communicative teaching approach and blended learning approach in order to provide the most effective and engaging learning experience.

1. General English courses (only) for young-learners (7-16)

If you’re travelling to Malta as part of your family holiday and would like your children to take part in a social and educational experience, our BELS courses for kids in Malta are a great way to get more from your holiday. When learning English in Malta, kids will experience an immersive learning experience which will effectively boost their language skills.

These courses are possible in the mornings or afternoons so you can choose which option suits your family plans best. To register for courses only, children must be travelling with an adult.

2. Parent and child programme (7-15)

The BELS parent and child programme is ideal for adults who want to learn English for themselves but do not wish to travel alone. It’s possible to improve your English during adult courses while also enjoying a family holiday. You don’t have to put off your English-learning ambitions or worry about finding a baby-sitter, we have programmes for both adults and children during the summer, autumn and Easter holidays. Our English courses for adults and young learners re conveniently held at the same time as the adult courses, so you can study English at ease, knowing your child is engaged and entertained in our English for kids programme in a nearby classroom.

We can also provide leisure packages, accommodation and airport transfers on this programme.

3. Full teen camp for juniors travelling alone (10-16)

Our full teen camp programmes are organised during the school breaks every summer, autumn and Easter. The BELS teen camps are made especially for young travellers between the ages of 10 and 16. It’s a chance to combine adventure with education, all the while enjoying Malta’s crystal clear waters, captivating history and indulging in the island’s rich culture. The juniors can travel alone from their home countries and we’ll welcome them at the airport arrival’s lounge in Malta. From their, their whole trip is taken care of. We provide full-board accommodation, a full leisure programme including all transport and 3 hours of English courses per day. Children will be accompanied by BELS leaders at all times – so you can rest assured that they are safe and being taken care of. Some of our BELS leaders also live in the same residence and we’ll provide an emergency number for you to use if needed, after booking.

4. Course and leisure full-day programmes for juniors (10-16)

Another option is for teenagers who would like more independence while travelling with family is to join our course and leisure programme. It’s an opportunity for young ones to have an engaging social and educational experience with peers of their own age. On this programme, children will be attending leisure actives and English courses for a full day, from early morning till the evening. While on this programme, they are fully supervised and all transportation is included.

Since the family will also be here, our programme is very flexible and students can choose which activities to participate in. If you prefer to have more family time, just inform us and we’ll adapt our programme for you.

5. Exam preparation courses

Older teenagers who are approaching school leaving examinations in their home-country can choose to prepare for their English exams during their time at BELS Malta. These courses focus on building the skills necessary for students to successfully complete their examinations and use authentic exam material. Apart from focusing on language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and all areas of the language (grammar, vocabulary, phonology, discourse), these courses will also develop 21st century skills (collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication).

6. Individual English lessons for kids in Malta & Gozo

During the weeks when we do not run our group courses we can always provide individual lessons for students between the ages of 4-15. Individual lessons are possible at both our BELS Malta school in St.Paul’s Bay and BELS Gozo school in Kercem. All individual lessons are tailor-made for the student’s particular interests, level of English and learning requirements. Our teachers plan course content that is also relevant to the ages in both topics and learning methods to ensure the lessons are useful and effective.

If you would like more information about our English for kids in Malta programme, email us on [email protected].

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