Gap year Goals: Study English in Malta and Travel in Europe

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Discover Europe while studying English in Malta

A lot of students we’ve met over the years came to BELS to study English in Malta as a gap year before enrolling to University or committing to a full-time job.

If you’re contemplating whether taking a gap year is the right path for your future, think about how (or if) a year abroad can positively impact your life. Taking a gap year can help discover what really matters to you, your values and the direction forward in your life.  This inward-looking period is also the ultimate time to gain skills that will help you reach your life goals, whatever they may be.

Two recurring reasons people take gap years are to travel the world and advance their career opportunities.  If you’re looking for something along these lines, you should consider taking a gap year to study English in Malta.  Here are some reasons it could benefit your future.

1. Flexibility and Personal Development

The best time for a gap year is right before starting University, or straight after graduating. Since it’s a flexible period in your life, it’s the perfect (and perhaps the only) time to continue your education in a different and meaningful way. Once you find a full-time job and settle into your life, leaving becomes more difficult. Especially if you have kids and a family to think of!

How will a gap year help? You’ll have time to slow down and think about what you really want to do in life. You can experience the world, discover new possibilities and different ways of living. You’ll meet new people and grow as an individual based on all these experiences.

2. English is (nearly) a global language

By taking a gap year before University or starting your career you could learn a new skill, like a language. Why English? It’s an official language in 53 countries that’s spoken by around 400 million people as a first language globally. If you know English well, traveling becomes more enjoyable and less complicated. That’s 53 places you can easily travel to and a whole lot of potential new friends.

3. Improving your Resume

Being well travelled and having experience living abroad are both considered assets on a resume. Taking a general English course or business English course at the same will be a bonus. We also provide interview training and lessons focusing on writing a resume in English. At the end of each course you will be given a certificate with the course duration, final level of English, and a personal note from your teacher.

4. Advancing your career

English is the language of business and the demand for it is every-increasing. Most jobs these days require English in daily tasks – be it internal or external. Being successful in a business environment without fluent English can be a struggle. Taking a gap year to study English in Malta will look wonders on a resume.

5. Malta is a great place to live, work and study

A physically beautiful and sunny country, with a culture that’s an infusion of its varied history. The lifestyle is Mediterranean – wherever there’s the sun and great food, there’s happiness. The people are friendly, and as an ex-British colony with a large expat community, English is widely used.

It’s easy to have a balanced life because everything is near – you can have a swim or go on a run before school or go to the shop or cook between school and work. Finding a part-time job is relatively easy, especially during the summer time.

6. Obtaining a student visa

If you are not European and require a visa to enter Schengen areas, you can get a student visa to study English in Malta. The requirements for a student visa vary depending on the country but are generally accepted. If you’re a student at BELS, we’ll help with all preparation and applications needed.

7. Travelling in Europe from Malta is easy

Malta is in the middle of the Mediterraean sea – travelling to other European countries is quick and inexpensive. There are regular direct flights with major low-cost airlines, so it’s also possible to escape for the weekend without missing lessons. If you’re a long-term student, it’s also possible to take a week of study-vacation to travel.

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