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Master Writing Effective Business Emails using Proper Etiquette 

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Course Level


Course Length

Flexible, depending on individual needs

Student Ages


Delivery Method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

All business professionals interested in improving their email skills when writing to clients, professors and coworkers

Suitable Roles

All professionals using emails in their day-to-day

Powerful & Effective Writing Tactics to Simplify your Daily Tasks

Our business email writing course explores the different formats of emails required in varied professional contexts. The course focuses on the multiple components of emailing writing which impact perceptions of professionalism and efficiency within an organization.

Participants will learn how the language component, visual aspects and etiquette relate in writing clear and effective emails. This course is ideal for all business professionals interested in improving their email skills when writing to clients, professors and coworkers.

The first part of the course coaches participants on subtle rules of business email writing. This includes identifying circumstances when sending and replying to emails is necessary, determining who should be included in copies of emails and identifying the appropriate tone and level of formality based on the situation.

The second part of the course looks into the language aspect of writing professional emails in English. This includes using accurate grammatical structures, acquiring phrases and vocabulary related to specific functions and language structures for clear explanations. Throughout the course students will learn how to consciously use vocabulary and language structures to have a positive effect on readers.

Once the etiquette and language components are perfected, the course looks at summarizing skills and visual aspects which make emails easy to comprehend and respond to as intended. This includes writing subject lines that ensure you email will be read, how to start and structure the email, and how to conclude in a way that ensures replies or action desired.

Course Objectives

  • Establish how to communicate clearly in emails;
  • Identify formality and register when addressing different contacts;
  • Analyze common mistakes made in emails and how to tackle them;
  • Develop professional and well-structured language to help emails sound less monotonous;
  • Acquire an awareness of email etiquette to maintain a professional image;
  • Develop summarizing skills to write clear and effective emails.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply accurate writing styles and structures to future emails;
  • Identify tone and language to be used based on each individual need;
  • Organize emails and report information in a clear and concise manner;
  • Make conscious use of language for enhanced performance and positive communication;
  • Identify different types of emails and how to create and respond to them appropriately.

Our business email writing course is available at our schools in Malta and Gozo, online or as in-house company training sessions. All modules can easily be adapted to suit individual or company needs. Write to us at [email protected] to learn how.