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Lessons per week

Varies depending on combinations chosen

Lesson length

45 minutes



Minimum Entry Level


Students per class

Varies depending on combinations chosen

Course level

Adult learners

Ideal for

Students who wish to have varied and intensive courses

Combine Courses to Suit Individual Needs

At BELS, one may also opt to combine General English group lessons and individual lessons. The combination of group and individual lessons is one of the best language learning methods available.

The General English standard courses concentrate on all the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with a special emphasis on group communicative tasks. Students who would like to increase their lesson time can choose between adding our fluency class, IELTS group class (Malta only) or individual lessons for any purpose.

The fluency group course is an additional 90 minutes per day dedicated to building the communication skills necessary to acquire a native-like level of English. They’re engaging, fun and highly interactive. IELTS group courses in Malta are there for people who need to develop their academic English skills and also obtain a certification for employment or higher education.

Depending on the lesson duration, individual lessons can be scheduled in the morning or in the afternoon to help students to meet their specific needs and objectives.

Individual lessons are ideal for students who have a specific goal in mind, whether it’s to increase fluency or exam preparation (IELTS Malta courses, TOEFL Malta exam, CAE Courses). Most of the lesson topics are chosen by the students, which makes the lessons both interesting and stimulating. This course provides a variety of learning experiences through individual and group lessons and self-study.

In the case of exam preparation individual courses, the school will provide all necessary material. We offer IELTS  and CAE exam preparation courses using official course material that is updated regularly. We are also able to guide students through the IELTS or CAE exam registration process. We take pride in being experienced in conducting exam preparation courses and having a high number of IELTS exam, TOEFL Malta exam and Cambridge exams success stories.

For advice on choosing the best courses for your needs, speak to us on chat or email us at [email protected].

Recommended Combinations

Students during communicative activities
General English & Exam Courses

Ideal to develop General level of English as well as academic skills to obtain an official exam certification.

A student participating in individual lessons
Group & Individual Courses

Experience the benefits of communicating in a group, as well has benefiting from individual support.

Two students working during their lessons
Business & General English

Ideal for students who would like to develop their English for work, as well as everyday use.