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Course Type


Course Length

25 hours for MFHEA recognition


1-3 people: €850 | Additional students: €250 per person

Admin & Course material

€55 per person

Entry age


Entry level


Qualification awarded

MQF Level 5

1 ECTS/ECTVET point per course

NHFCE License number

Applicable for refund schemes

Get qualified, investing in skills

Delivery Method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Professionals preparing for ICAO, experienced workers seeking to upskill and elevate their English skills

Suitable Roles

Pilots, aeronautical information service, cabin crew, air navigation, engineers, aviation management, meteorology, aviation security and ground personnel

Prepare for ICAO and Elevate your Skills

Our selection of English for aviation courses are designed to prepare students for aerospace careers around the world. This includes pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers, flight attendants, and other aviation professionals seeking to develop their English language skills.

On the course professionals will develop their overall level of English with particular focus on fluency and accuracy. Additionally, they will learn specialised vocabulary and expressions used in the English aviation system specific to certain roles. Every topic and function will incorporate the four systems of the language (grammar, vocabulary, phonology, discourse) and explore them across all skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). By joining this course, therefore, learners will have a holistic understanding of English for aviation as well as gaining proficiency in the language.

Within the aviation industry, clear communication is vital whether it is face to face, across the radio or online. The course content is designed to provide aviation professionals with vital communication skills required to send and receive accurate messages between team members and with clients. It also develops a client-centric attitude to ensure clients are satisfied with the services offered at the airport and in-flight. While keeping communication at the forefront, this course can help learners be fully prepared for the ICAO exam.

Courses are based on broad business English and industry specific terminology to ensure all round proficiency.  They are suitable for professionals at the start of their career who must meet ICAO English proficiency requirements, as well as experienced professionals interested in elevating their level of English.

All sessions are delivered using a communicative and blended learning approach to encourage student participation and stimulate an authentic working environment. Language input is supported with activities, projects and role-play tasks to acquire practical skills which can easily be applied to the job.  

Different course modules are available based on the industry sectors, including specialised courses for aeronautical information service, cabin crew, air navigation, engineers, aviation management, meteorology, aviation security and ground personnel.

Suggested Topics

  1. Dealing with complaints
  2. Making a sale and upselling
  3. Cultural awareness
  4. Building rapport with customers
  5. Remaining professional and polite
  6. Making suggestions

The suggested topics are a guideline, build your own course based on your needs.

Course Objectives

  • Establish techniques for clarity through telecommunication;
  • Use terminology and phrases related to their aviation role with confidence;
  • Apply polite phrases to conversations with passengers and colleagues;
  • Develop overall level of English, skills and systems.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply codes and abbreviations in the correct contexts;
  • Develop confidence in using aviation terminology and procedures;
  • Demonstrate and provide clear instructions during emergencies;
  • Use clear and precise language with ease in all communication.

Are you interested in our MFHEA Award course? Download the complete course programme and requirements here. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Email us at [email protected] to discuss a personalised learning plan for groups or individuals.

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