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Course Type


Course Length

25 hours for MFHEA recognition


1-3 people: €850 | Additional students: €250 per person

Admin & Course material

€55 per person

Qualification awarded

MQF Level 5

1 ECTS/ECTVET point per course

NHFCE License number

Applicable for refund schemes

Get qualified, investing in skills

Delivery Method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Seafarers and other professionals in the maritime industry

Suitable Roles

Shipbuilding engineers, marine engineers, bosuns, seamen, cruise ship staff, offshore workers, shipping fright brokers and naval architects

For a Successful Career of an International Nature

Our English for maritime course aim to build practical, relevant language skills for seafarers and other professionals in the maritime industry. The course highlights the importance of communication for seafarers due to the international nature of the sector. Individuals participating in the course will be able to confidently go about their routine tasks with increased efficacy. It is suitable for individuals working as shipbuilding engineers, marine engineers, bosuns, seamen, cruise ship staff, offshore workers, shipping fright brokers and naval architects.

The course is designed to ensure effective communication for safe and successful operations at sea. This takes into consideration both external interactions with other ships or to shore, and internal interactions on board the ship. The content combines functional English with standard maritime communication language specific to the needs or marine engineers, offers and crew. Technical topics covered include ship handing, emergency situations, navigation, meteorology, cargo handling, maintenance and ship systems.

Throughout lessons, learners will participate in various workplace simulations and role-plays, thus ensuring the new skills are easily applied to real-world situations.  Practical sessions will also incorporate relevant examples based on specific needs and requests of current students.

By the end of the course, students will have gained practical skills and language which can easily be incorporated in their work routine.  In addition to improving overall fluency and accuracy in English for maritime, the course can also be used as a steppingstone for the MarTEL exam.

Suggested Topics:

  1. Ship handling
  2. Emergencies
  3. Navigation
  4. Meteorology
  5. Cargo handling
  6. Maintenance and systems

The suggested topics are a guideline, build your own course based on your needs.

Course Objectives

  • Develop overall level of English, fluency and accuracy;
  • Master technical language and use with ease;
  • Make predictions about marine weather and understand different weather warnings;
  • Describe marine meteorology by learning about sea state, wind speed, ocean currents, etc;
  • Interpret nautical charts so to navigate the waters with ease;
  • Understand standard orders and common radio calls and transmission;
  • Use clear and accurate language in all communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of legislation, rules and regulations governing safe working practices at sea;
  • Display confidence and quickness in using English as the main language of communication;
  • Apply the dynamics of teamwork, leadership, communication, decision-making and resource management;
  • Develop international regulations, standards, codes and recommendations on the carriage of dangerous cargoes.

All our English for Maritime courses are fully personalised depending on the individual or team requirements. Case studies will incorporate scenarios based on current roles and situations.

Are you interested in our MFHEA Award course? Download the complete course programme and requirements here. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Email us at [email protected] to discuss a personalised learning plan for groups or individuals.


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