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Take the lead by Developing English for Construction Skills

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Course Type


Course Length

25 hours for MFHEA recognition


1-3 people: €850 | Additional students: €250 per person

Admin & Course material

€55 per person

Entry age


Entry level


Qualification Level

MQF Level 5

1 ECTS/ECTVET point per course

NHFCE License number


Applicable for refund schemes

Get qualified, investing in skills

Delivery Method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Workers seeking to upskill, take the lead on projects, improve communication strategies and take on more responsibility

Suitable Roles

Procurement administration, designers, surveyors, builders, planners, facility managers, construction mangers, project leaders and site supervisors

Increase Project Efficiency and Encourage Leadership Skills

Our English for construction course is ideal for individuals working in the construction industry locally or internationally. Clear communication is a key factor to enable teamwork and ensure successful project completion. By boosting English skills, we can guarantee increased efficiency, performance safety on the job. Additionally, the course will enable better working relationships between employees and with clients.

The course aims to empower construction workers to communicate confidently in English throughout their day-to-day. Classes follow a real-world teaching approach with interactive tasks throughout. By the end of the course, workers would have gained practical English language skills which can instantly be applied to their roles. It is ideal for roles such as procurement administration, designers, surveyors, builders, planners, facility managers, construction mangers, project leaders and site supervisors.

The content covers technical skills, vision and leadership skills required to lead a construction project and work within multi-organisational teams throughout the project lifecycle. This is accomplished by developing overall functional language skills needed in interactions with team members, employers, and clients. Specific areas of focus include safety and basic construction vocabulary, language needed for planning and supervision and management.


As a result, workers will be in a better position to take on more responsibility grow within their roles. This allows employers to focus on higher level issues, while feeling confident that their team is doing a satisfactory job on site.

Suggested Topics:

  1. Design
  2. Materials
  3. Equipment
  4. Projects
  5. Documentation
  6. Health and safety procedures

The suggested topics are a guideline, build your own course based on your needs.

Course objectives

  • Describe projects and the use of trades, tools, machinery and materials;
  • Follow and give instructions;
  • Ask and answer questions about deliveries and equipment;
  • Describe and explain problems and find solutions;
  • Acquire terms describing working on construction sites;
  • Express health and safety concerns in accurate language.

 Learning outcomes

  • Discuss projects and tasks with team members;
  • Identify and apply correct terms to design processes;
  • Prepare documentation with formal English;
  • Summarize reports of incidents and emergencies.

Are you interested in our MFHEA Award course? Download the complete course programme and requirements here. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Email us at [email protected] to discuss a personalised learning plan for groups or individuals.

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