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Build your Confidence using English for the Oil and Gas Industry

Course type


Course length

25 hours for MFHEA recognition


1-3 people: €850 | Additional students: €250 per person

Admin & Course material

€55 per person

Minimum age entry


Minimum level entry


Qualification level

MQF Level 5

1 ECTS/ECTVET point per course

MFHEA License number


Applicable for refund schemes

Get qualified, investing in skills

Delivery method

At BELS Malta or Gozo, at your office, online

Ideal for

Students and experienced professionals across all levels in the field

Suitable roles

Drilling engineering, energy engineering, project management, mining, mudlogging, geology, geochemistry and science and hydrographic surveying

Describe Processes and Procedures with Accuracy and Clarity

Our English for oil and gas course is catered for those working in the oil and gas industry, working locally or internationally. This specialist course gives learners a solid foundation of the English language with particular focus on functional language and technical terms related to the industry.

It is suitable for students and professionals across all levels in the field. Different course programmes are available based on varied levels of experience and specific roles. It is ideal for individuals working across several sectors, including drilling engineering, energy engineering, project management, mining, mudlogging, geology, geochemistry and science and hydrographic surveying.

Classes follow a topic-based syllabus covering a range of subjects such as processes and procedures, equipment, project management, products, supply and demand, and safety and incidents. Sessions include a balance between theory and practical exercises.

The course content is designed to help learners gain a proficient level of English related to industry processes and procedures. It prepares learners for careers in onshore and offshore drilling as well as supports experienced oil and gas professionals in a globalised career field.  This is achieved through developing all skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and systems (grammar, vocabulary, discourse, pronunciation) of the language explored. By joining this course participants will develop accurate and clear English for documentation as well as practical situations such as workshop operations, repairs, and maintenance.

A blending learning approach is used in classes, combining a mixture of coursework and online material. All classes are interactive and include elements of personalisation, adding real-world content as well as case-studies related to the participant’s daily tasks.

Suggested Topics

  1. Procedures
  2. Processes
  3. Equipment
  4. Project management
  5. Products/ Supply and demand
  6. Incidents

The suggested topics are a guideline, build your own course based on your needs.

Course Objectives

  • Strengthen English communication skills across all areas of the language;
  • Develop proficiency in industry-specific terminology;
  • Highlight the duties and responsibilities of the oil and gas production technician;
  • Formulate approaches to deliver instructions during emergencies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the oil and gas production systems and equipment
  • Demonstrate understanding of operations
  • Design and develop projects and procedures
  • Describe regulations, guidelines, processes and procedures clearly.

Personalised solutions are also available. Courses can be organised at our schools in Malta and Gozo, online or at your company.

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