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Leisure & activities at BELS English Schools in Malta & Gozo

Make the most of your time in Malta and Gozo

Are you looking for ways to spend your time after school in Malta? A well-organised leisure programme is an important part of language-travel experience. That’s why BELS English schools in Malta and Gozo offer a diverse leisure programme that’s packed with enjoyable activities for every kind of traveller. At BELS English Schools in Malta and Gozo we’ll help you get a real taste of what the Maltese island have to offer through your favourite pastimes.

When you arrive at one of our BELS English schools in Malta, head over to the reception desk where you’ll find our enthusiastic leisure manager who’ll show you the activities programme for the week. The BELS English schools in Malta and Gozo leisure programme includes activities for the afternoons, evenings as well as weekends to complete your study-trip. Apart from the activities we offer in-house, there’s an endless list of things to do around both the islands.

BELS Activities to do in Malta in Summer and all year round:

Welcome Dinner

An evening with good food and even better company. It’s a perfect way to meet new friends!

Scuba Diving

Discover the beautiful marine life and world-famous wrecks the Maltese sea has to offer.

Bike, Quad or Buggy Rentals

Choose your own trail, cycle through the countryside or ride along the shore paths to view some amazing sunsets. Malta’s rough terrain is suitable for mountain bike tours or off-road excursions on quad-bikes or buggies.

Day at the Beach

With over 50 rock or sandy beaches across the islands, you will surely find the perfect spot to get a tan and unwind.

Water Sports

If sunbathing is not your thing and you’re feeling a little adventurous, this is just for you. There are endless ways to relish in Malta’s crystal clear waters.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Malta has a layered and varied history resulting in a rich cultural identity. Our Neolithic temples are a must-see and they are just the start of our amazing historical heritage. Visit museums, stroll through fortified cities and explore underground tunnels.


Enjoy horse-riding during sunset or the weekend with spectacular views.


The coastal town of St. Julian’s transforms into a vibrant clubbing village at night, offering the most recent club tunes to laid-back reggae bars and jazz clubs.


Get a different view of Malta’s coasts through sailing out at sea. Take a coastal tour of Malta, or hop on a boat to Comino for the day.

Sicily Day Trip

Our neighbouring island of Sicily is a short ferry ride away – on this day trip you can explore the popular towns of Catania, Taormina or climb up Mount Etna!

These are just a few of our favourite things to do on the Maltese islands. Once at BELS English schools in Malta or Gozo, visit the front-desk to view more options, rates and schedules. If you require more information, send us an email at [email protected] or check out the following blog articles:

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