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Planning a diving trip in Malta? 

Malta is a well-known destination amongst anyone who’s interested in diving, or learning English. The island has a number of quality diving schools spread across the island, and the same can be said for English schools. So if you’re looking to learn English and try diving, you can do both in a trip to Malta.

Diving in Malta and Gozo is most certainly one of the highlights – the islands are well-established on the the global diving map, and for good reason.

Here are 8 thing you need to know about diving in Malta.

1. Malta is an award winning diving destination

Over the years Malta has been named the best diving destination in the Mediterranean by various organisations across the world.  There’s the two won in 2014, another in 2017, and once again in 2018 to name a few. There’s so many we lost count!

2. There are options for every level

Whether you are a seasoned diver or diving for the first time, you are in for a treat – there is a fantastic new world to explore beneath the surface of these warm, clear waters. Diving in Malta and Gozo offers any diver just about everything he or she could hope for – there are over seventy dive sites around the island, offering different dives for all levels of experience. Deep water diving, night dives and free diving are also veritable options.

3. There’s plenty to discover

Discover the local marine life and let yourself be amazed by some rather unique geological features as you explore underwater caves, tunnels, arches, natural reefs and pools. Investigate an unusual heritage from World War II consisting of historic wrecks, from submarines to destroyers and bombers, as well as some passenger ferries and patrol boats. Probably the most renowned natural dive site is the Inland Sea and Blue Hole at Dwejra, Gozo, while the Um El Faroud, in the south of Malta, is probably the most famous wreck dive.

4. Diving conditions are fantastic

Malta is blessed with some of the most amazing sea! The Mediterranean here comes in different shades of crystal blue and green, always clean and clear with great visibility. The sea is generally calm and relatively warm. Few diving destinations offer such great diving conditions all the year round.

5. The sea is safe

It may not be much, but it’s comforting to know that there is nothing out there that might eat or kill you! Malta’s sea creatures and plants are mostly harmless, and you will be instructed regarding the ones to steer clear of in case they could harm you. Sea conditions are rarely hazardous, in which case local dive instructors know not to put you at risk.

6. There is a high standard of diving safety in Malta

Most diving centres in Malta offer a high level of competency and professionalism while knowing how to make your diving experience fun and memorable. Before descending on a dive, you will be required to provide a medical certificate. Adequate training is given to first time divers, while seasoned divers wishing to dive unaccompanied will require a buddy and the appropriate PADI Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent. A hyperbaric chamber is readily available in case something does go wrong.

7. It’s affordable

Diving in Malta is very affordable compared to what you could expect to pay in other countries, so you benefit from excellent value for money.

8. It’s easy to combine English courses with diving in Malta

If you are planning to dive while learning English in Malta, you may choose to stay in either Malta or Gozo. BELS has English language schools on both islands and you may even opt to spend a week in each, while continuing your English course, to make it easier to discover the diving sites on both islands. In any case, the two islands are separated only by a thirty-minute ferry ride.

Planning a diving trip to Malta? Learn about combining your diving experience with English courses.

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