IELTS English Certificate Preparation Course - BELS Malta

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Prepare for an IELTS English Certificate in our Mini-group Courses

Lessons / hours per week

10 lessons / 7.5 hours

Lesson length

45 minutes

Course days

Monday - Friday

Course hours


Minimum age

16 years

Minimum entry level

Intermediate / B1

Students per class

Average 4, max. 6.

Course level

Adult learners

Ideal for

Students who wish to develop their academic skills and obtain official certification in English

The IELTS English Certification is Accepted Worldwide

Many students obtain the IELTS certification for university admission, obtaining work permits, immigration purposes or career advancement. There are two paths for the IELTS certification, the general and the academic examinations. Both exams assess students’ level of English and testing skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Our IELTS exam courses focus on preparing students for the general or academic IELTS examinations. By participating in this course, students will become familiar with the exam structure, assessment criteria and the test-taking strategies required as part of the certification.

Our school uses official IELTS textbooks and materials, including various sample tests. In addition to the course contact hours, students will receive self-study guides and tasks to ensure they can achieve the best possible results.

We do more than just familiarize students with the exam. Our usual BELS approach is adapted to maximise learning even in exam courses.  During lessons students will participate in communicative activities aimed at improving the academic and language skills required. This will ensure that in addition to receiving input related to the exam material, students are also building lasting skills.

Due to the small classroom sizes, courses are also personalised and each student will receive suitable individual attention. Prior to starting the course, our academic team also conducts a needs-analysis session with each student to learn more about their learning requirements and aims. Our experienced teachers use this information in their course planning. Throughout the course, teachers pass on their knowledge, tips and help students develop their weaknesses though individual feedback.

At certain points along the course, mock tests are conducted to provide detailed analysis of the students’ progress. When students decide to sit for the official examination, our academic team helps students make the necessary preparations to register.

Our mini-group courses are available at BELS Malta and include 10 lessons per week, with a maximum of 6 students per class. Individual lessons are also available at both our Malta and Gozo schools. In the case of academic certification, additional individual lessons focusing on academic reading and writing are suggested.

What to expect:

  • Mock-exams;
  • Having a needs analysis session;
  • Taking an English-level test;
  • Receiving tasks for self-study;
  • Using official exam materials;
  • Developing academic skills;
  • Obtaining test-taking strategies;
  • Courses delivered by experienced teachers;
  • Becoming familiar with the exam structure;
  • Receiving detailed feedback from your teacher;

To receive more information about the IELTS preparation course or other English certificates, write to us on [email protected].

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